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Add a intersting tittle to the proposal as well please not the one i put
make sure every instructions is followed,
TOPIC – Is Compulsory COVID-19 Vaccination a Violation of Human Rights?
In order to analyze the controversy we need to refer to scholarly papers, study, describe and analyse the controversy.
ALSO, MAKE SURE IF U DO THIS RESEARCH PLZ NO PLAG AND ALSO, FOR THE ESSAY THATS DUE IN DEC WILL IT HAS TO BE 10 ARTICLES, so let me know if u can find any other narrowed down intersrting topic to vaccination controversy in modern life.
We need to write 1 page double spaced only 1 page – essay and plus 3 citations research proposal .. after this one page wr also have to make 8 pages imma only give it to someone who can help me right 8 pages double spaced essay at end
In that 1 page double spaced I need to :
introducing the topic and its significance and what you will do in your essay tyat is due in dec – 8 pages exact 8 pages with 10 references real ones.
One page, double-spaced, 12 pt font. plus a bibliography indicating the literature you intend to study.
make sure it’s passive voice also
Who, What, Where, When, Why?
Your aim is to tell a story, with names, dates, and institutions when that is important for the reader. THIS IS NOT PAINT BY NUMBERS. It is not a lab report with a specific layout. It is creative and demands critical thinking, and good writing.
Develop and outline for your Paper
Introduction, Tell us what your paper is about, its significance and what you plan to do in your essay, a little “map” of what the reader should look out for along the way.
Conclusion or summary
Write with proper referencing style and be consistent
also, Use a scholarly citation style.
In the endnotes or footnotes have the full reference and page number
1. Sara Khan, “title of paper” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 145 (2015):123-142; 133.
Burn the fat
Always find ways of tightening up your narrative.
Write in the active voice.
Avoid passive voice, such as “it was observed that.” and avoid “ today we know”. Avoid “we”. Who?
Write Zara Ahmed (2019) argued that.
Or many biologists agree that (Shore et al., 2005)
Who? What? Where? When? How? why?

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