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Write an essay comparing and contrasting the english approach to settlement and treatment of native americans to that of:

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It must utilize at least three PRIMARY sources from the Module 1 readings. Make sure you know which of the readings are Primary and which are Secondary.
At least one of the primary sources must relate to the English. Your paper will not earn a passing grade without following this requirement.
You should use quotations from the course reading sources (primary and secondary) but remember to use quotation marks and citation. You do not need to do outside research.
Cite the quote! For this class, you can use a basic form of citation, (Author, page number), i.e. (Takaki, 10).
BUT use quotations sparingly, i.e not too much. The paper should be mostly your words, with several key quotations used to provide essential evidence.
No single quotation should be longer than 2 lines.
In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, four different groups of Europeans (the Spanish, the French, the Dutch, and the English) vied for control of North America, with very important effects for indigenous peoples. Write an essay comparing and contrasting the English approach to settlement and treatment of Native Americans to that of:
A. the French and Dutch
B. the Spanish.
THEN, consider how those approaches affected Native Americans and shaped the ways that race and ethnicity would come to be defined in North America by the late 18th century.
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