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Write an essay that illustrates what apparently drives mappen’s interests as an historian.

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How many of his essays do you need to write about? I
think that to make a persuasive case, you need to write about at least four.
You’ve been asked to read six of Mappen’s essays on the Revolutionary War: “Tories,” “The Hanging
of Captain Huddy,” “Good Golly, Miss Molly,” “Lee at Monmouth,” “The Caldwell Murder Case,”
and “Move Over, Betsy Ross.”
As a New Jersey historian, Mappen clearly wanted to emphasize New Jersey’s importance to the
Revolutionary War. In fact, he make this claim in several of his essays. But that motive alone doesn’t
seem to account for his choice of topics or how he treats them. What does? Write an essay that
illustrates what apparently drives Mappen’s interests as an historian.
You must include atleast 4 of Mappens writings.

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