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Write for your narrow audience

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The final essay you will conceive of an audience and a goal as described in-depth here Slide Show Lecture: Unit IV and in the Unit IV: Discussion I: Audience Description. Follow these links and read through the discussion description which will help you generate an audience and goal for this final essay.
Once you have a firm grasp of what you will argue and to and for whom you will write, the final step will involve writing the essay. You will be posting a half-length rough draft (minimum 500-750 words) as an attachment in the Unit IV: Discussion II: Rough Draft. There you will receive some feedback from me to help you further refine your audience and goal as you move towards the final draft. ESSAY REQUIREMENTS:
Use sources from the Unit 3 Annotated Bibliography to write a 1000-1500 word essay.
Since you will use your Unit III Annotated Bibliography for your sources, the same source guidelines apply: Use a minimum of 5 sources. At least one source must be a peer-reviewed journal article or a book from the Motlow library that has been published in the past five years. One source might come from 88 Open Essays, but you must have at least 4 outside sources. You may not use Wikipedia,, blog posts, Facebook posts, Encyclopedia Britannica, etc. Quote directly from sources in your essay using MLA in text citation at least 6 times (see this handout–The Quotation Sandwich–as well as chapters 18.4 and 19.1 in Composing-Ourselves-and-Our-World for help here). Remember that each of your body paragraphs should have a clear topic sentence that tells readers the paragraph’s subject. (Divide your subject into body paragraphs.)
You also need a paragraph before the conclusion that presents an alternate view of your subject.
Before uploading your final essay, look at the Source Essay Rubric in Course Materials/Content/Unit 2 Source Essay One to see exactly how your essay will be graded.
Use MLA format (see the MLA Format Help Module)
Avoid using contractions and personal pronouns in your writing
Use 12 point, Times New Roman Font
Write for your narrow audience

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