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You can also do a different work if you think it is appropriate, as long as it is done well.

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Instruction: You will be using the Sexuality and Wellbeing (SAW) dataset for your lab report, which utilised a single-administration survey method to examine the sexual and dating experiences, interpersonal relationships, and sense of self in 305 Malaysian young adults recruited mostly from Monash University Malaysia. From this dataset, you will choose at least three variables that you find interesting, create a research question and hypothesis, and analyse the data.
My requirements:
– Pro in using either R or JASP to analyse the data.
– The file name “Lab Report” is my previous work, you can consider it is a draft. Please refer to it when writing the report. You can address the introduction according to the comments that provided from the marker. You can also do a different work if you think it is appropriate, as long as it is done well.
– No need to do the “Method” part since I have done, but make sure to refer the method part when writing the other part, they are all link together.
– However, the predictors and outcome should be the same from my previous work. My predictors: X1 = Gender X2 = Self-perceived bodily attractiveness My outcome: Y = Sociosexual Orientation – Casual sex behaviour (subscale from SOI-R)
– The report should include: Introduction, Method (no need to do this part), Result, and Discussion just like others published psychology research paper.
– Please report the result part section in sequence: Data handling
Outliers (analysis and treatment) Descriptive Normality (analysis and treatment) Analysis specific assumptions (analysis and treatment) Main analysis Effect size Post-hoc test (if appropriate)

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