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You will read the attached pdf “stalking fantasy” and watch the edmund kemper vi

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You will read the attached pdf “Stalking Fantasy” AND watch the Edmund Kemper video. After doing both, you will complete a summary of both.
Read: Stalking Fantasy-Edmund Kemper Profile (attached)
Watch: the Edmund Kemper video link:
1. Provide a short summary of the Stalking Fantasy PDF. (the Edmund Kemper Profile portion can help supplement the video portion below). 2. Next, complete a written summary of the Edmund Kemper Video. For the video, the summary is completely up to you this time – you will craft the summary and include what you find to be important. Use of headings and bullet points is often helpful. Be sure to include all of the information you find important as it relates to the information and material we have studied so far, particularly for sexually sadistic serial killers. Include why you are including information (for example, if you include childhood information, state why this is important – does it show the McDonald Triad?) Things you may likely include: childhood, warning signs, psychopath or psychotic?, possible reasons he killed, motive type, organized or disorganized, fantasy, paraphilias, etc, How he was caught, the trial and outcome. I am looking for a thorough summary.

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