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03/06/2020 Event Coordinator YMCA 15456 University of H

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03/06/2020 Event Coordinator YMCA 15456 University of Houston Drive… 03/06/2020Event Coordinator YMCA15456 University of Houston DriveHouston Texas 77066Attention: Jane BreitenbachYour company has been very nice with us when it comes to renting out your space for our annual poetry month event. We are always booking your location because we get a cheap rate with you guys and a very nice location to use for our event. Our last booking had a big problem and has caused us many inconveniences.On March 3rd we rented the location like we always do for our event. We are always billed $1,000 to rent the space each year.On March 4th we were billed $5,000 instead of our reduced rate of $1,000. We are always working on a limited budget because we are a non-profit organization and we run off only donations. This increase in the bill will make it almost impossible to keep renting this location for our event. On the 4th, we called Mr. Ryan Nichols and Ms. Sue Harrington. We spoke to them and explained that we were not given a heads-up ahead of time that the rate was going to be changed. As a result, we were surprisingly charged $5,000 and we couldn’t pay this due to the small amount of funding that we have.  Our manager is insisting that we talk about this and get the charge reduced to $1,000 because we were not notified about the change in renting fees. We would love to keep using your facility and keep paying our reduced fee of $1,000. We were told that you were the last person available that could help us so please get back to us to resolve this issue. We would love to keep using your facility for our annual poetry event.We would appreciate having this issue resolved as soon as possible, and if you need any more information please contact me.Yours truly, Ali KhanEmployee, The Academy of American Poets.this is the claim letter i need a refusal letter for this claim letter.Arts & Humanities Writing

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