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A? student’s course grade is based on one midterm that

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A? student’s course grade is based on one midterm that counts as 1515?% of his final? grade, one class project that counts as 1010?% of his final? grade, a set of homework assignments that counts as 3030?% of his final? grade, and a final exam that counts as 4545?% of his final grade. His midterm score is 7878?, his project score is 9090?, his homework score is 7979?, and his final exam score is 6868. What is his overall final? score? What letter grade did he earn? (A, B,? C, D, or? F)? Assume that a mean of 90 or above is an? A, a mean of at least 80 but less than 90 is a? B, and so on.His overall final score is ??(Type an integer or a decimal rounded to one decimal place as? needed.) Math Statistics and Probability

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