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I would like feed back on my resume and tell me what…

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I would like feed back on my resume and tell me what… I would like feed back on my resume and tell me what questions/information I should ask someone else that can be fixed about my resume. INSTRUCTIONS type up a rough draft of your resume. discuss two specific things you would like feedback on regarding your rough draft. resume:Jessica Robertson2101 Wing Point Ln. Plano, TX 75093 | 214.803.9970 (email) Objective· To get my Master’s degree in Pediatric Occupational Therapy and work in a hospital or a Rehabilitation center for children.Education· Collin College (2019-2020)· Texas Tech University (2017-2019)· Plano West Senior HS, Plano, TX: Class of 2017Extracurricular Organizations· Best Buddies Organization, High School· Special Education smiles cheer team organization, High School· Plano West Cheer, Drill Team, Cheer Athletics Worlds Team, Kurt Thomas GymnasticsWork ExperienceNANNY CPR/AED CERTIFIED | 2017-2020 SALES | IMPECCABLE PIG | 2016· Retail clothing store salesVolunteer Experience· Plano West Special Olympics games· Best Buddies· Operation KindnessPersonal Interest· Spending time with friends and family, working with and helping Special Needs Kids, Traveling, Exercising and Babysitting. Arts & Humanities Writing

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