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Question Answered Hi! Can you please look at my outline

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Question Answered Hi! Can you please look at my outline for argument synthesis paper?Professor didn’t approve it. She said “Your body paragraph does not reflect that you are writing about a specific community. Also, your community is NOT the farmers market. ” How to reflect in body paragraphs about specific community?Thank you. Below is my outlineIntroductionlocal is a big trend in food industryincreased interest in local produceHook:There seems to be a shift in the people who are consuming food, attempting to make healthier choices.  Background Information:certain belief about where food comes fromPreservation of global emissionsThesis Statement:The locavore movement, although beneficial to local farmers, is not beneficial to those following the movement due to factors such as intensive factory-like conditions of industrial farms and loss of nutritional value. Body 1Topic Sentence:The locavore movement is not beneficial to the environment. Details/Supporting IdeasSame amount of nutrients (Source B)People are not nutrient deprived (Mrs Marion Nestle’s view)Concluding Sentence:According to Source B, “people are not nutrient deprived” therefore showing that the so-called nutritional benefit of the locavore movement is overrated. Body 2Topic Sentence:Most of the emissions come from production instead of transportation. Details/Supporting Ideas:Local food grown in intensive factories (Source C)Greater carbon footprint (Source C)Ex: New Zealand lamb vs LondonConcluding Sentence:The locavore movement has proved non beneficial to the environment because of the intensive factory like condition of some local farms and because most of the damage coming from the production of food not transportation.Body 3Topic Sentence:Additionally, the movement has an unrealistic goal.Details/Supporting Ideas:Food diversity (Source C)Hard to implement (Source F)Around the world,people have to look much further Concluding Sentence: The locavore movement would be difficult to implement in certain communities. ConclusionAlthough it makes people feel better about their choices, it does not carbon footprint nor does it make a healthier lifestyle. Summary:Unreasonable to many peoplePrediction/Suggestion: Support the movement with an exception to the spectrum but not worth implementing because of low adaptations.   Arts & Humanities Writing

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