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Question Could you help me to reply to this comment? I have

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Question Could you help me to reply to this comment? I have to make any comment on this post1. Analyzing the Elderly Users’ Adoption of Smart-Home ServicesThis is an excellent article that uses a quantitative approach toward analyzing an elderly population’s likelihood to accept and adopt smart-home services. The structure of this paper is very clear. It uses headings and bold text to clearly identify the research questions and correlating hypothesis. It also states that it will build upon F.D. Davis’ Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) by adding nine additional criteria that re?ect an individual’s psychology, economic value, hedonic value, usability, and security provided by smart-home systems (Pal, Funilkul, Vanijja, & Papasratorn, 2018, p. 51239). The authors established hypothesis statements for each component of the TAM as well as separate hypothesis for each component of their Elderly Smart-Home Technology Acceptance Model (ESHTAM).Reference:Pal, D., Funilkul, S., Vanijja, V., and Papasratorn, B. (2018) Analyzing the Elderly Users’ Adoption of Smart-Home Services. Available from IEEE Access, vol. 6, pp. 51238-51252.2. Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in out-of-hospital-cardiac-arrestIn the original research article by Claesson, et al. (2016), a team of researchers use a quantitative approach to improve survival rates of out-of-hospital-cardiac-arrest (OHCA) patients by using geographic information system (GIS) tool, and historical data of emergency medical response times in Stockholm county, Sweden. The GIS maps were instrumental in determining the best locations to set up drones loaded with automated external defibrillators (AED) in order to respond to an OHCA. In this article, the problem statement is clear, however the hypothesis is murky. The methodology and data analysis are sound as well as the discussion of findings.Reference:Claesson, A., Fredman, D., Svensson, L., Ringh, M., Hollenberg, J., Nordberg, P., …Ban, Y. (2016). Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in out-of-hospital-cardiac-arrest. Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine, 24(1). Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)3. Investigating UAVs applications and intention to use in the maritime shipping in TaiwanYang’s article, Investigating UAVs applications and intention to use in the maritime shipping in Taiwan (2019) provided an interesting look into maritime stakeholders and their views of UAV use. He used a survey with questions that were evaluated and validated by industry experts. The survey was sent out to 550 potential respondents. He got back 201 valid questionnaires, of which the data and conclusions of this article are based upon. This quantitative investigation was thorough and efficiently presented.Each research factor had its own hypothesis: i.e.:H1: UAV applications for pollution forensics will be positively associated with intention to use UAVs (Yang, 2019, p. 983)Yang’s survey revealed that maritime companies valued these key drivers for UAV use: humanitarian and emergency delivery, supervision and service, acceptable UAV cost, and search and rescue. (Yang, 2019, p. 989)Reference:Chung-Shan Yang (2019) Investigating UAVs applications and intention to use in the maritime shipping in Taiwan, Maritime Policy & Management, 46:8, 982-994, DOI: 10.1080/03088839.2019.1672216 (Links to an external site.)Each of these three selected articles used a quantitative approach to evaluate the issues presented. Article 1 used internet surveys to collect data from elderly participants to measure their perception about the smart-home services (Pal et. al, 2018, 51243). Article 2 Provides an analysis of suitable drone placement using GIS models and delivery test-flights on these sites with a UAV system (Claesson, et al. 2016, p. 2). Article 3 also uses a survey to gather analytics, but in the form of a mailed questionnaire. It may be interesting to note that both of the articles that used surveys noted that the age of their respondents had an impact upon the answers given and the willingness to accept modern technology, even though the studies were for differing sectors (home technology and maritime industry). Arts & Humanities WritingRSCH 670 R RSCH 670

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