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Question Rewrite the following letters, making them appropri

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Question Rewrite the following letters, making them appropriate for a reader… Rewrite the following letters, making them appropriate for a reader whose native language is not English. Identify the intended reader’s cultured heritage. As you revise the letters, pay attention to the words, measurements, and sentence constructions you employ. Be sure to consider the reader’s cultural traditions by omitting any cultural insensitivity. a. Dear Chum,Our stateside boss hit the ceiling earlier today when she learned that our sales quota for this quarter fell precipitously short. Ouch! Were I in her spot, I would have exploded too. Numerous missives to her underlings warned them to get off the dime and on the stick, but they were oblivious to such. These are the breaks in our business, right?We can’t all bat 1000.Let’s hope that next quarter’s sales take a turn for the best by 12-1-06. If they are as disastrous, we all may be in hot water. Until then, we will have to watch our p’s andq’s around here. We’re freezing here—20° today.Cheers,b. Dear Mr. Wong,It’s not every day that you have the chance to get in on the ground floor of a deal so good you can actually taste it.But Off-Wall Street Mutual can make the difference in your financial future. Give me a moment to convince you.By becoming a member of our international investing group for just under $250, you can just about ensure your success. We know all the ins and outs of long-term investing and can save you a bundle. Our analysts are the hot shots of the business and always look long and hard for the most propitious business deals. The stocks we select with your interests in mind are as safe as a bank and not nearly so costly for you. Unlike any of your under trained local agents, we can save you money by investing your money. We are penny pinchers with our clients’ initial investments, but we are King Midas when it comes to transforming thoseinvestments into pure gold.I am enclosing a brochure for you to study, and I really hope you will examine it carefully. You would be foolish to let a deal like Off-Wall Street Mutual pass you by. Go for it. Call me by 3:00 today.Hurriedly,c. Dear Mr. Bafaloukos,My firm is taking a survey of businesses in your part of the world to see if there is any likelihood of getting you on board our international computer network and so I thought Iwould see if you might like to take the chance. In today’s shaky world, business events can change overnight and without the proper scoop you could be left out in the cold.We can alleviate that mess.Not only do we interface with major exchanges all around the globe but we make sure that we get the facts to you pronto. We do not sit on our hands here at Intertel. Check out our website on who and how we serve and I have no doubts that you will e-mail or ring us up to find out about joining up.One last point: Can you really risk going out on a limb without first knowing that you have all the facts at your fingertips about worldwide business events? Intertel is there to save you.Fondly. Arts & Humanities Writing

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