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1. Ahmad is scheduled for a kidney surgery at Hospital Kuala

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1. Ahmad is scheduled for a kidney surgery at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. He requires blood transfusion for the surgery. Thus, a suitable test will be carried out between Ahmad and a particular blood donor in order to prepare suitable blood unit(s) for him. The results for Ahmad and Donor 1, 2, 3, and 4 blood grouping are displayed in Table 1 below.Image transcription textAnti-A Anti-B Anti-D Patient (Ahmad)Donor 1 Donor 2 …. Donor 3 Donor 4… Show more(a)?nalyse?nd tabulate the blood grouping for the results above (forward and reverse).(10 marks)?b)?hy it is importance to performing crossmatch for patient Ahmad.?(5 marks)?c)?ou are one of the staff performing major crossmatch for patient Ahmad, which are the immediate spin (IS) phase, 37? phase, and AHG phase.?iscuss which patient blood is/are the BEST suitable for Ahmad and the possible results for each of the three (3) phases for the suitable blood.(15 marks)2.?lood chosen to be transfused to Ahmad is packed red blood cells (PRBCs) from the suitable donor. Explain the steps of preparing, collecting and storage of the PRBCs.(10 marks)?3. Ahmad is having delayed haemolytic transfusion reaction after 7 days of blood transfusion. Interpret the?ntigram on?able 1?y identifying the?ntibody(s) that showed reactivity.?Why do you choose that antibody?Image transcription textAnti-A Anti-n A celly R cells Call AHG1+ 1+ 1+ 2+ 0 Anti-D 11 2+ 0 III 0 Rh-hrKell Duffy Kidd | P MNSs L… Show more… Show moretable 1 antigram5marks4. Group, Screen and Hold?GSH) is a procedure that consists of ABO and RhD grouping and antibody screening for the patient’s sample. The patient’s serum or plasma is subsequently retained for 48 hours.?iscuss the effectiveness of GSH?s compared to the routine blood collection and give examples who is the individual eligible for this procedure?(5 marks)ScienceHealth ScienceFHLS LIM10401T

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