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1. Broken glassware is place in a _________________container

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1. Broken glassware is place in a _________________container. 2…. 1. Broken glassware is place in a _________________container.2. What is the temperature of a Bunsen burner flame? ________________3. Chemicals in the eyes are washed out with the eyewash station located at?_____________________________________________________________.4. Before leaving the lab, always _____________________ your hands and desktop.5. In the film, the student got splashed in the eye by her ____________________.6. Contact lenses should _________________ be worn in the lab.7. You should pour liquid from _________________________ containers.8. A lab shower is located at _____________________________ of this lab.9. Before you heat glassware, check it for __________________________.10. Broken thermometers should be reported to your ____________________.11. Notify _________________when any accident occurs.12. Stoppers should never be placed on the ________________________.13. Clothing fires are put out by ___________________________.14. If you have an accident, inform the ________________________.15. Never place a thermometer in a _______________________.16. Food may ________________________ be eaten in the lab.17. A good rule is to always pour ____________________ of a reagent bottle.18. The best fabrics for the lab are _____________________.19. In a fire situation, you must __________________________________.20. Never use a Bunsen burner to heat ____________________materials.21. When mixing an acid with water, always add _______________ to the?______________.22. What signs alert you to turn off the Bunsen burner? ____________________23. Fire extinguishers must always be operated by ________________________.24. Report spills to the _____________________ for safety and cleanup instructions.25. Pour reagent with your hand _______________________ the label.26. Before using a chemical, read the _______________________.27. Harmful chemicals should be used only in a __________________________.28. Never heat a closed container because it may __________________________.29. Rings, watches and fabric shoes can _________________chemicals next to your skin.30. Cuts should be _______________ and ________________ before applying a bandage.31. _________________________ are always worn in the lab for eye protection.32. A centrifuge must be ___________________________ before turning on.33. Volatile chemicals are used in a ______________________________.ScienceChemistryGG 453

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