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1. The Chuweah fire burned over 30,000 acres of forest in Ea

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1. The Chuweah fire burned over 30,000 acres of forest in Eastern… 1.?The Chuweah fire burned over 30,000 acres of forest in Eastern Washington. a.?Forest fires can be started by natural causes (eg lightning) or human activity (eg fireworks). Suppose forest fires occur naturally every 30-50 years. Until recently, the USA suppressed all forest fires. Why might 100 years of fire suppression lead to more intense fires today??b.?In the diagram, which house is in a wetter area? orange / grey Write “orange” or “grey”, and explain. 2. At right are the US Census Bureau’s estimates for the USA population in 2020 and 2060. All statements below refer to the data shown here. a. In 2060, the USA population will likely be…?growing??hrinking??o prediction, explain.??. The USA population size is affected by not only birth and death, but also migration. Does the US Census Bureau’s model incorporate migration? Yes / no / can’t tell, explain.3. After a forest fire in 1997, researchers set up experimental plots to watch the community recover. Half the plots were allowed to receive rain, but the other half experienced drought conditions. (Whenever a big rain was forecast, the researchers would put giant umbrellas over the “experimental drought” plots.) Data shown below.Image transcription textrain allowed experimental drought rainallowed experimental drought 19981999 6 2000 2001 specie… Show more… Show morea. Which treatment is more resistant to fire? Rain allowed / experimental drought / can’t tell, explain.b. Which treatment is more resilient after fire?Rain allowed / experimental drought / can’t tell, explain.c. After a disturbance, communities may have short term biodiversity shifts due to successional patterns, or they may have permanent biodiversity shifts, never returning to their pre-disturbance state. Do you think the experimental drought plots are experiencing short-term or permanent change? Support your claim with evidence from the graphs.ScienceBiologyBIO 180

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