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1) Your brother has $250,000 and wants to retire.?e expects

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1) Your brother has $250,000 and wants to retire.?e expects to livefor another 25 years, and he also expects to earn 8% on his invested funds.?ow much could he withdraw at the?eginning?f each of the next 25 years and end up with zero in the account?a. $53,431.83b. $23,419.70c. $21,684.90d. $47,153.802) Bakar invests RM5,000 at 7% at age 25. Neal invests RM5,000 at 7% at age 30. Both investments compound interest annually. They will retire at age 60 and neither adds nor withdraws funds prior to retirement. Which statement is correct?a. Neal will earn more compound interest than Bakar.b. Bakar will have more money than Neal at any age.c. Neal will earn more interest on interest than Bakar.d. If both Bakar and Neal wait to age 70 to retire they will have equal amounts of savings.3) Resort Inn had operating cash flow of $48,450. Depreciation was $6,700 and interest paid was $2,480. A net total of $2,620 was paid on long-term debt. The firm spent $24,000 on fixed assets and decreased net working capital by $1,330. What was the amount of the cash flow to stockholders?a. $7,830b. $20,680c. $5,100d. $18,0204) Ogawi has sales of $316,000, depreciation of $47,200, interest expense of $41,400, costs of $148,200, and taxes of $16,632. The firm has net capital spending of $36,400 and a decrease in net working capital of $14,300. What is the cash flow from assets for the year?a.$120,810b.$119,655c.$145,985d.$129,0685) Zack made a $100 investment two years ago at an interest rate of 8%. On his $100 investment, he received $8 interest in the first year. He put the $8 back into the business.?n his $108 investment, he received $8.64 interest in the second year. The additional $0.64 in interest he earned the second year is referred to as:a.simple interest.b.bonus income.c.interest on interest.BusinessFinanceEBB 30703

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