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3-5The strategic development of e-learning entrepreneurship.

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3-5The strategic development of e-learning entrepreneurship… 3-5The strategic development of e-learning entrepreneurship programsEducation can be seen as a business. This growing competition leads to the conclusion that strategic decisions about education will increasingly be made globally by global players in intergovernmental associations and educational institutions. Strategic vision is important for educational institutions, regardless of their position in the education industry segment. This means that there are good reasons to produce and use education in a commercial way.Internationalization will create new problems for the management and teaching staff of educational institutions. Collaboration with foreign institutions and individuals and teaching foreign students will bring new cultural, institutional and legal issues. Moreover, there appears to be a difference between global research collaboration, which is organized in global networks, and educational collaboration, which is organized primarily in bilateral arrangements based on competitor-partner relationships. As strategic decision-making processes move to the global level, international cooperation and institutional policy coordination will become more important for all educational institutions.In conclusion, clear strategic decision-making is as important in the globalized education sector as it is in other economic sectors. However, it is predictable that centralized strategies will encounter more resistance than in other sectors. By using de Wit and Meyer’s (2017) framework, decisions are based on an explicit assessment of options, which may improve the quality of the chosen strategy.Q: 1.The strategic tensions associated with the development of this new e-learning program are analyzed using de Wit and Meyer’s (2017) strategic tensions framework and support your answers. That is, for each pair of strategic tensions, explicitly discuss the identification of the tensions. 2.With respect to the strategic tensions you identified in the above questions, to discuss the relevant strategic issues and to make recommendations on how to address the strategic tensions. Please explain in detail,step by step.BusinessManagementMBA 600

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