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39.Mites are common pests on individual fence lizards. Mites

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39.Mites are common pests on individual fence lizards. Mites are observedto bite fence lizards to draw a blood?eal, which increases mite population growth rates. Fence lizards respond by scratching their heads to remove?ites. The population growth rate of fence lizards is not impacted by this interaction although it appears to?e negative for the fence lizards that have mites. What is the best explanation to account for the population?rowth pattern in fence lizards.a.the interaction is a +, – interactionb.the interaction is at the organism levelc.the interaction is a altruismd.the interaction is at the population levele.the interaction is a mutualism40.The model?N/dt=rN-(CPN)?redicts neutrally stable oscillations in predator and prey populations. However,?parasitic wasp predation on bean weevils in lab cages produced 14 complete cycles of population growth and?ecay, followed by oscillation convergence, and then equilibrium. Which of the following best explains why?he model did not accurately predict the outcome of wasp predation on bean weevil populations?a.resources were limitedb.the environment was constantc.been weevil populations displayed exponential growthd.the number of individuals added per unit time to the populations was constante.there were no lags in birth and death rates41.The introduction of the parasitic wasp?. melinus?n 1957-59 to control the red scale pest resulted in the?limination of the parasitic wasp?. lingnanensis?rom the central valley of California but not from coastal?reas. This pattern results from…a.a lack of resource partitioning between the two species of waspb.differences in the realized niches of the two species of waspc.similar habitat in the central valley and in the coastal areasd.None of these choices are correcte.differences in the fundamental niches of the two species of wasp42.Assuming an exponential model of population growth and a one-year breeding cycle for rats: If the initial?opulation size (N) of rats at the start of year one is 200 and the per capita growth rate of the population?r) is 0.03 per year. The population size first exceeds 210 individuals at the start of year _______.a.2b.4c.1d.None of these choices is correcte.343.Tamarisk (Salt Cedar Tree) was introduced to the United States from China as an ornamental plant.?amarisk survives and grows quickly and in riparian areas with reduced flooding where it outcompetes?ative vegetation creating monocultures, and it now covers thousands of hectares of the Southwestern U.S.?he ability of Tamarisk to outcompete native vegetation and create monocultures is an example of…a.establishmentb.spreadc.invasiond.introductione.impact44.Which of these sampling methods is likely to provide the best measure of population density for highly?obile blue-footed booby (migratory sea birds) based on time and labor considerations?a.mark and re-captureb.conducting all of these countsd.sub-samplinge.indirect indicators45.In the Masai Mara national park in Africa, migrating elephants create passageways through woodlands.?all grass grows in these passageways which creates fuel for the ignition of brush fires. Brush fires widen?he passages ways which promotes the formation of grasslands. This?ntire?attern is an example of…a.r-selectionb.K-selectionc.cyclical successiond.primary successione.directional successionBiologyScienceEcologyBIOL 101

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