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8_________An indicator is a performance measure that enables

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8_________An indicator is a performance measure that enables health… 8_________An indicator is a performance measure that enables health care organizations to monitor a process to determine whether it is meeting:a.???Developmentb.???Search enginesc.???Requirementsd.???None of the above9________What is benchmarking?a.???The processes and outcomesb.???Systematic comparison of the products, services, and outcomes with those from a familiar organizationc.???Sentinel eventsd.???The unbilled accounts10________Unstructured brainstorming is:a.???Ideas from each employee written on a piece of paper and dropped in a boxb.???Members of a team offer ideas as they come to mind during brainstormingc.???Ideas from customers to help run the medical facilityd.???Members form the team think at home about ideas.11________Who created the PI storytelling in 1980?a.???Kaori Iishikawab.???The father of medicinec.???Sue Johnd.???AMA12_________Performance modeling is:a.???Data drivenb.???A cyclical modelc.???Process redesignd.???Toolbox technique13_________What is an agenda?a.???Is a list of tasks to be accomplished during a meetingb.???A notebook to write clinical laboratory servicesc.???Is a surveyd.???Is a record for the clerk14_________What does CDC stand for?a.???Center for diagnostics and controlb.???Center for Disease Control and Preventonc.???Clinical department of Cared.???Commission of diagnostic care?5_________What is a project management tool used to schedule important activities?a.???Indicatorb.???Agendac.???PI monitoringd.???Gantt Chart16________What is the process of moving questions from a broad theme to a narrow them in a unstructured interview?a.???Funnelingb.???Interviewingc.???Decidingd.???Acuity scaling17_________The totality of healthcare services provided to a patient and his or her family in all settings from the least extensive, to the most extensive is called:a.???Case Managementb.???Continuum of Carec.???Community Needs Assessmentd.???Management of Care18__________To monitor and improve performance, you must kno:a.???Who the customers areb.???What the customer wants and valuesc.???What can be improved to better meet the customers needsd.???All of the above19__________Responsibilities of a team leader include:a.???Coordination of data collectionb.???Acting neutral, non voting memberc.???Recording imformation on a flip chartd.???All of the above20_________What is the next step after a team leader has been selected?a.???Assign tasksb.???Manage group dynamicsc.???Choose a team leaderd.???Analyze data??cienceHealth ScienceHEALTH INF HIT215M02

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