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_____ 1._____ 2._____ 3._____ 4.”There was no damned romance

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_____ 1._____ 2._____ 3._____ 4.”There was no damned romance inour poverty. Twice we were evicted from the miserable hovel we called home.”a. Maryb. Jamie c. James d. Edmund”I play so badly now. Sister Theresa will give me a dreadful scolding.”a. Maryb. Jamie c. James d. Edmund”It was a great mistake, me being born a man. I would have been much more successful as a sea gull or a fish.”a. Maryb. Jamie c. James d. Edmund”I don’t give a damn what other people do. If they want to be wasteful fools, for the sake of show, let them be!”a. Maryb. Jamie c. James d. Edmund Unit Evaluation 4ENGH 040____________________5. “What I wanted to say is, I’d like to see you become the greatest success in the world. But you’d better be on your guard. Because I’ll do my damnedest to make you fail.”a. Maryb. Jamie c. James d. Edmund6. “It’s pretty hard to take at times, having a dope fiend for a mother!”a. Maryb. Jamie c. James d. Edmund7. “It’s a special kind of medicine. I have to take it because there is no other that can stop the pain?ll the pain? mean in my hands”a. Maryb. Jamie c. James d. Edmund8. “I never wanted to be an actor. You forced me on stage.”a. Maryb. Jamie c. James d. EdmundPart B: Multiple-ChoiceSelect the best answer for each question about Long Day’s Journey into Night._____ 9. The second Tyrone child, who died in infancy, wasa. James. b. Edmund. c. Timothy. d. Eugene. Unit Evaluation 4ENGH 040_____ 10._____ 11._____ 12._____ 13._____ 14._____ 15._____ 16.Earlier in life, James Tyrone was aa. Broadway actor. b. movie star.c. real estate agent. d. novelist.The Tyrone family originated ina. Germany. b. Ireland. c. England. d. Italy.As a young girl, one of Mary’s dreams was to bea. an actress.b. a professional singer. c. a secretary.d. a nun.Edmund is afflicted witha. consumption.b. whooping cough. c. cancer.d. epilepsy.Mary is addicted to what drug?a. marijuana b. cocaine c. morphine d. alcoholThe Tyrones’ servant is nameda. Dorothy. b. Cathleen. c. Lesley. d. Mary.Mary’s father died ofa. cancer.b. alcoholism.c. blood poisoning. d. consumption. Unit Evaluation 4ENGH 040_____ 17._____ 18._____ 19._____ 20._____ 21._____ 22._____ 23.James Tyrone’s career as an actor ran dry when hea. sold out to one particular role for commercial success. b. broke his leg onstage.c. left the theater to raise his infant children.d. left New York to live permanently in the Midwest.Long Day’s Journey into Night is best described asa. an autobiographical account of O’Neill’s own family.b. an expos?piece on O’Neill’s relationship with his sons.c. a statement to O’Neill’s mother about how he relates to his wife. d. a biographical sketch of the life of playwright Arthur Miller.Long Day’s Journey into Night was publisheda. when it was written in 1940.b. immediately after the death of O’Neill’s brother. c. after Eugene O’Neill’s death.d. when O’Neill’s son was born.James Tyrone maintains that the only literature worth reading isa. Irish legends.b. Shakespeare.c. French poetry.d. Victorian English playwrights such as Oscar Wilde.James Tyrone and Mary, in terms of religion, area. Catholics. b. atheists.c. Lutherans. d. Methodists.Structurally, Long Day’s Journey into Night is centered arounda. meals.b. outings into town.c. tea breaks.d. visits from neighbors.James Tyrone has a strong obsession witha. jewelry. b. baseball. c. cars.d. money. Unit Evaluation 4ENGH 040_____ 24._____ 25._____ 26._____ 27._____ 28._____ 29._____ 30.Mary met James whena. they were in high school together.b. she saw him act in a play.c. he unexpectedly called on her father at her house one day. d. he worked at the grocery store where she shopped.When in town late during the night in Act 4, Jamiea. plays craps with all his friends.b. spends all night in a bar hitting on rich women. c. calls on an obese prostitute.d. passes out on the street.Long Day’s Journey into Night is one of O’Neill’sa. early plays.b. Victorian comedies.c. later tragedies.d. Shakespeareimitations.At the end of Long Day’s Journey into Night, Edmunda. dies from consumption.b. attacks his father.c. agrees on a good sanatorium with his father. d. leaves the family.The second Tyrone child, who died in infancy, dieda. when Jamie infected him with measles. b. when Edmund dropped him accidentally. c. in an automobile accident.d. shortly after birth from causes unknown.James Tyrone’s fathera. abandoned James as a young boy.b. murdered James’s mother.c. spoiled James excessively, raising him like a prince.d. lives with his son, daughter-in-law, and grandsons in America.The name of the doctor who diagnoses Edmund isa. Doc Jones. b. Doc Zhivago. c. Doc Drew.d. Doc Hardy. Unit Evaluation 4ENGH 040_____ 31._____ 32._____ 33._____ 34._____ 35._____ 36._____ 37.During Act 4, the Tyrone men hear Marya. singing her old choir songs.b. plotting to murder Edmund.c. talking to herself about the past.d. talking about her plans to commit suicide.Eugene O’Neill gave Long Day’s Journey into Night to his wife, Carlotta, fora. her birthday.b. their twelfth wedding anniversary. c. their son’s birthday.d. their daughter’s birthday.Eugene O’Neill was the first American playwright to wina. an Academy Award. b. the Nobel Prize.c. a Grammy Award. d. a poetry award.Long Day’s Journey into Night is set ina. the family room of the Tyrones’ summer home. b. a cheap Broadway hotel.c. the theater where James performs.d. the Tyrone parents’ bedroom.Edmund isa. Jamie’s twin brother.b. the older son.c. the younger son and sick with consumption. d. a cousin of Jamie’s.Jamie isa. an uncle.b. the older son.c. the younger son.d. the dead middle son.Mary lies to Cathleen abouta. how much money they have. b. her past.c. her morphine.d. her father. Unit Evaluation 4ENGH 040_____ 38._____ 39._____ 40._____ 41._____ 42._____ 43.The dominant nighttime weather near the Tyrone house isa. rain.b. flooding.c. clear skies. d. fog.Jamie’s female companions tend to bea. fresh-off-the-boat Irish girls. b. rich but snobby socialites. c. Broadway dancers.d. prostitutes.Mary’s reaction to Edmund’s illness is best described asa. happiness. b. grief.c. denial.d. rage.People in the family constantly criticize James for hisa. miserliness.b. cocaine addiction. c. vanity.d. coldness.What happens in the final scene of the play?a. Mary confesses her need for morphine and agrees to try to quit again.b. Mary comes downstairs with her wedding dress and thinks she is going to becomea nun.c. Mary runs out of the house in her wedding gown and tries to drown herself.d. James tells his sons that tomorrow is a new day, and the future may have greatthings in store for those who believe.The characters in this play are obsessed witha. television. b. politics.c. football. d. the past. Unit Evaluation 4ENGH 040_____ 44._____ 45._____ 46._____ 47._____ 48._____ 49.To whom does Mary talk about her childhood?a. James.b. a delivery boy. c. the house maid. d. her therapist.In the course of the play, why is James Tyrone most upset with Jamie?a. Jamie has a frivolous lifestyle. b. Jamie is a spendthrift.c. Jamie contracted tuberculosis. d. Jamie is addicted to morphine.What part does McGuire play in Long Day’s Journey into Night?a. He is the neighbor.b. He is the doctor that diagnoses Edmund. c. He sells pieces of property to James.d. He is Mary’s father.What leads the family to think Mary has gotten better at the beginning of the play?a. She has no more erratic behavior. b. She volunteers at AA.c. She sleeps through the night.d. She has put on twenty pounds.What does the family do with James’s whiskey to make it seem like they did not drink any?a. They hide it.b. They pour water into it.c. They buy a new bottle.d. No one drinks his whiskey.When did Mary decide not to be a nun or a concert pianist?a. on her twenty-first birthdayb. on her thirteenth birthdayc. when she left her parents’ home d. when she met James Unit Evaluation 4ENGH 040_____ 50. When did Mary become addicted to morphine?a. after birthing Edmundb. after birthing Jamiec. after Eugene diedd. after she married JamesArts & HumanitiesEnglishEnglish Literature

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