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A final common struggle U.S. citizens face when attempting t

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A final common struggle U.S. citizens face when attempting to namethe major regions of the United States is not being able to identify The Great Plains as a region and not knowing where that region lies.??hile a large percentage of people can name New England, The Midwest, The South, and The Pacific Northwest, they don’t know where to categorize the states of Hawaii and Alaska.??ne reason that people have trouble identifying The Great Plains as a region is that it is often lumped in with The Midwest.??n fact, many people who live in the mid-Great Plains, in states like Nebraska and Kansas, actually misidentify their own region as part of The Midwest.??owever, The Great Plains is quite distinct and is easy to visually observe on a map.??his is because it stretches in a nearly straight vertical line from North Dakota to Texas and includes both Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.Questions:-What is the topic sentence of this paragraph??This paragraph is part of a five-paragraph essay. It is also a body paragraph. Using your reading clues with the first few words of the paragraph, please answer the following question. Is this the first body paragraph in the essay, or is it a later body paragraph in the essay??Regarding your answer above, explain in at least one sentence why you answered “yes” or “no.” In other words, which clues led you to believe this was either the first body paragraph or not??Please list five details from the paragraph.?Finally, one of the sentences in this paragraph is not a detail that supports the topic sentence. Which sentence do you believe should not be in this paragraph??Regarding your answer above, explain in at least one sentence why you chose this sentence. In other words, why does this sentence not support the topic sentence?Arts & HumanitiesEnglishENG 062N-10313

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