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An employee was terminated by the Company for testing positi

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An employee was terminated by the Company for testing positive for… An employee was terminated by the Company for testing positive for illegal drugs in violation of the Company’s policy.?fter his termination, he subsequently went through drug rehabilitation and was successfully rehabilitated.?wo years later he applied for work at the Company in the same position that he held previously. Attached to his application was a letter of recommendation from his most recent employer as well as a letter from a substance abuse treatment center stating that he successfully completed treatment and continues participating in its on-going counseling program. The company’s HR representative in looking at Company records confirmed that he was previously terminated for violation of Company rules but did not look further in his personnel file as to the specifics regarding his discharge as the Company has a policy in its handbook that prohibits rehiring persons who had previously been fired. Therefore, the Company informed him that in view of its rehiring policy it would not rehire him.?. You are the head of the HR Department and received a letter from the former employee about the Company’s refusal to hire him after he has been drug free for two years and successfully completed a rehabilitation program.?n reviewing this matter, did the Company make the correct decision in refusing to hire the former employee??xplain your reasoning (both the factual and legal basis and analysis) in support of your decision.?. Assume the H. R. Representative in the above fact situation actually went into the personnel file and found that the employee had tested positive for drugs. Would your answer be the same as you gave for “A.” above. What is your decision and give the factual and legal basis for your answer.BusinessManagementHuman Resource ManagementMGMT 3315

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