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ANSWER QUESTIONS. SUPPORT YOUR ANSWER WITH THE RELEVANT MALAYSIAN… ANSWER QUESTIONS. SUPPORT YOUR ANSWER WITH THE RELEVANT MALAYSIAN STATUTORY PROVISIONS AND CASE LAWS.?uestion 1 Kanchana and Swee Lin are best friends who are facing problems at work. They came to see you, an HR consultant to understand their rights as employees under the Employment Act 1955 (EA). Give the appropriate advice to them for the following situations. a. Kanchana works for Rittman Sdn Bhd as an account clerk. Last week she got two days of medical leave from her dentist due to an operation to remove an impacted tooth. Kanchana informed her employer of the leave and submitted her MC upon returning to work. She was surprised when the HR handed her a letter saying that the policy in the company requires employees to replace all sick leaves, so she is required to come to work on Saturday which is usually an off day. If she fails to do so, two days’ pay will be deducted from her salary. Kanchana wishes to know whether such policy is in line with the law. (4 Marks) b. Swee Lin has just started work with Syarikat TYT and is currently under probation. One month into her employment, the company asked her to stay back to finish her job. This happened several times but when she received her pay slip at the end of the month, she noticed that there is no overtime payment given. When asked, the company said that only confirmed employees are entitled to get overtime pay. Swee Lin wishes to know whether this is correct. (4 Marks)(TOTAL: 8 MARKS)Question 3 Orlando Bloom is a director in Regent Sdn. Bhd. Five years ago, he employed a lady to be his secretary in the company. Recently, due to a number of reasons, he feels that he no longer requires the service of the secretary. Bloom comes to see you to ask your advice on what circumstances can be used to terminate the secretary’s employment. He said that he can think of several i.e.: a. Redundancy: Bloom no longer requires such a position as the company can employ part-time secretarial services at a cheaper cost. He can also ask the other executives to help out with any secretarial works that need to be done. b. Poor performance. Lately Bloom noticed that this lady has not been performing as well as before. She forgot to schedule a few meetings, was late in submitting reports and the reports often contain errors. Bloom did not wish to argue with her at those times, so he just let the matter be. c. Retirement: She is 58; although her employment contract does not have any provision on retirement age, can the company ask her to leave when she turns 60?Advice Bloom on the legality and feasibility of each of the circumstances that he proposed above based on the general principles of labor laws and industrial relations. To wrap up your arguments, advise Bloom whether he may or may not actually terminate the service of the secretary.(12 Marks)BusinessLAW BAWB4014

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