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Assignment Requirements Create a folder named with your surn

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Assignment Requirements Create a folder named with your surname… Assignment RequirementsCreate a folder named with your surname and? (like smith3).?n this folder, write Python programs to solve the problems below. Please use the suggested names for your programs.Start each program with your?ame and SPC ID# in a comment.Plan each program by writing?seudocode.?rite?ll of your pseudocode as comments immediately after your name and SPC ID#.?dd more comments as needed in each program to explain your code.Choose?escriptive variable names?n all programs.Currency format. There should be no space between the $ sign and the first digit. Use?-strings.?isplay?ommas?s needed for values over $1,000.Resist the urge to go your own way by writing a program that ignores the requirements. Solve the problem as the requirements specify.When done,?ip your folder?s explained in the Chapter 2 Assignment.?nly zips are acceptable.?ompression formats such as?ar?r 7z will be assigned a zero grade.Upload your zip?o this drop box.Type your?ollaboration?tatement as a comment in a program you did not code by yourself, or type “I worked alone”.program3_1.pyOrinoco rewards loyal customers with discounts as shown in the table below. Write a program that prompts shoppers for the price of a purchase and their accumulated loyalty points. Then,?se f-strings?o report the amount of the discount, the reduced price before sales tax, the sales tax at 7%, and the total cost of the purchase.LOYALTY POINTSDISCOUNT100 or more25%80 to 9920%60 to 7915%40 to 5910%0 to 39Noneprogram3_2.pyWrite a program that prompts the user to enter an?ven?ultiple of 13 that is more than 150. For good inputs, display the?ther factor. Respond to incorrect inputs with “Bad input”. Use?ogical operators?nd?ust one if?xpression (no nesting).program3_3.pyWrite a?reative?uiz program?ith?hree original questions?hat you make up?s specified below.?mmediately after each question is?nswered, the program should respond?ositively to right answers or provide the correct answer if the user’s answer is wrong. The quiz doesn’t have to be scored.One question should require an answer of type?nt.One question should require an answer of type?loat.One should require a?tring?nswer.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyJava ProgrammingCOP 1000

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