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Auditing residential and community resilience to an emergenc

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Auditing residential and community resilience to an emergency: conductan audit of your own and your community’s resilience readiness to a hypothetical emergency that creates a situation where you are confined to your residence for 5 days. Can you survive on what you have there at the time of the audit?SCENARIO: Its May 2021 and the postcode you live in is suddenly locked down due to a COVID-19 outbreak. You’ve been told to shelter-in-place for 5 days. You’ve been given no warning this was going to occur. During this time you may not leave your residence. On day 2 the services to the place where you live (e.g., the power and water, sewage) are cut off due to a combination of demand and other problems. You will not have mains power or sewage for the remaining 3 days.Step 1: Your personal resilience at your place of residence. Using the resources you have been reading about in the unit so far, conduct an audit of what this would mean for your own well-being and survival for you and the people you live with. (For example, how much food do you have in your cupboards? How will you manage to cook without power? What will you do regarding water?Step 2:?our community’s resilience. Conduct an assessment of the resilience in your community. Think about some of the key elements included in the readings and assess your community’s strengths as well as its vulnerabilities.Step 3:?nsights. Reflect on the two audits you have conducted. How well do you think your community would manage and what would be needed for it to recover and “build back better”? In particular IDENTIFY THREE IMPROVEMENTS that you need to be more resilient in the face of emergencies?FOR these three IMPROVEMENTS You will need to choose:-One personal physical or physiological improvement,-One personal psychological improvement-One community/social improvement.BusinessJNB 262

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