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Based on your initial research, your answers to Assignment #

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Based on your initial research, your answers to Assignment #1 questionsand any additional research required, you will create your Narrative Business Plan & Description about Nail Spa. This document, at a minimum, must include: 1. The name of your Business. Remember, your business name is the first component of your business identity. If possible, it should be something that has meaning, and will stand out in the mind of your customers (Microsoft, Taco Bell, Home Depot). 2. A description of your business. What product or service will you sell? Where will it be located? Are you leasing retail space, or building your own building? How will you manage the business? Will you have employees, and if so, how many? Will this be a sole proprietorship, a corporation, a LLC? Why did you choose this business type?3. The reasons that you selected this business? Why does this business appeal to you? What experiences, skills and strengths will you bring to this business? What challenges will you face? How will you overcome these challenges? 4. A description of your target market (customers) and how you plan to market your product or service to them. Who are they? How will you reach them? Where are they located? What about your business will appeal to them? 5. A description of your competition. Who else provides your product or service? What makes your business different? Why will your customers choose you over the competition? How will you differentiate your business from the competition? 6. Include at least three web addresses (links) of “Home Pages” that helped you or you used in your research for Assignments 1 & 2. The purpose of the Narrative Business Plan & Description is to educate and inform the reader about your business and your vision for it. Please include ANY other information that you feel would be useful for this purpose.AccountingBusinessManagerial AccountingACCT 2130

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