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can you check my grammar and please add graph and budget (ta

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can you check my grammar and please add graph and budget (table) please.I will really appreciate. Thank you so much, have a nice night. Proposal Recommendation to My Uncle Use Social Media Campaign, For His Indian Restaurant??aran K Sharma?nglish 235?Introduction A social media campaign, according to?, is a coordinated marketing?ffort that is meant to reinforce or assist with a business goal using one or more social media platforms. 78% of businesses have a dedicated team for social media and the trend may continue rising because organizations are increasingly acknowledging the power of social media to attract and engage customers. For this reason, businesses should capitalize on the benefits social media offers in reaching and relating with customers and potential customers.?This social media campaign is therefore, going to be implemented at Karma?ndian restaurant?usiness to increase the visibility of his new business and consequently, the overall success of his business. Increase visibility of the business among potential customers in the local area and beyond. Creat epositive brand image of the business among the customers. To be able to achieve the objectives of the social media campaign, it is important to identify the effective social media sites that will be used to reach and influence the target audience. There are many social media sites that can be used to interact with the customers and market a business, among them include, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr. Each of these sites require different strategies that can best be implemented for effectiveness.?Research shows that Facebook has the largest percentage usage- 67% of total internet users- with 1.06 active monthly users. This is followed by YouTube with 1 billion actives monthly users (62%). The list follows with LinkedIn and Twitter in third and fourth position respectively.?trategies For the social media campaign to be successful, it is imperative that social media strategies are developed for each of the social media sites that will be used for the business. These strategies will not only be important in the implementation of the campaign, but also provide a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of the campaign.Facebook Share interesting photos, videos and story’s that will communicate the business brand at most, four times a week. The target for each photo or video is at least 55 likes and 12 comments.YouTube Create banner ads that will be displayed on relevant channels and videos that will provide information about product offers. The target is at least 7 clicks per Ad, per day.Twitter Grow the number of followers by 30 a week through improvising relevant, fun and trending hashtags that communicate the business product and brand. The target is at least 5 retweets per tweet.Overall Strategies Consider the context of each social media site in order to create relevant and lead generating content that is suitable for each site. For example, maximizing the use photos that communicate the brand in a fun and interesting way on Facebook, and using trending hashtags on Twitter. Creat e attractive and catchy content that will gain the attention of the audience for each social media site that also speak about the attributes of the brand and how it caters for the customers’ needs. We need one person part- time. Work couple hours every day (student). Maintain activeness in all the three social media platforms through regular posting, responding to comments and general customer concerns and queries. Develop a content marketing plan that is comprised of content creation strategies and the kinds of messages to be posted and creat e an editorial calendar that includes a list of the dates and times of posting on the different social media sites. Develop a maintenance schedule and appoint an expert who will monitor the social channels for performance and changes that need to be implemented.Success of the Social Media Campaign As part of the social media campaign, it is vital to assess the performance of the social?hannels to find out what is working, what is not, and what needs to be adjusted to?mprove the effectiveness of the campaign. There are services that can be used to?easure metrics, for example, bitly, google analytics and buffer and inbuilt?ystems that are found in the social media sites.?The metrics that will be measured to measure the performance of the social media?ampaign that are in line with the objectives of the campaign include:????rack follower growth- This will be done for both Facebook and Twitter through?he Insight tab on Facebook and Twitter Analytics. This is important in finding outthe number of unique people who have shown interest in the business.????rack likes and reactions on the posts- This metric is even more defined on?acebook with the updated options of icon reactions one can choose from. This?ill guide in the determination of what interests the audience and provide a?uidance for future content.????eview replies and comments of the posts- This will provide an insight to?ustomers’ sentiments about the business and help determine how interesting?he posts are and what needs to be changed.????xamine click rates- This will help in determining customer reason for customer?ngagement and what makes them click. This can be achieved for all the three?ocial media channels.Conclusion In this current world marked by tremendous technology revolution, it is almost inevitable for all businesses to have a social media presence. Businesses can engage with audiences at any time, understand and address their concerns and also brand and market themselves widely and across borders. Social media has brought people closer and businesses nearer their target market and that is why businesses should have a plan on how they will manage their social media presence through conducting social media campaigns. For social media campaign to be successful, however, businesses should also gauge and investigate their social media use, both businesswise and an individual by conducting a social media audit. This will be helpful in determining strengths and weaknesses and therefore sharpen skills in the different social media platforms. It is also important to delegate the duties/responsibilities of managing these sites to a qualified person or team, instead of trying to do everything by oneself despite how small the business may be. This will provide more focus and consequently provide better results. A business should be sure to keep up with the trend because the technology world is dynamic and ever-changing, and what probably worked a year ago may not work the following year. This is important is a business wishes to remain relevantArts & HumanitiesEnglishENGL 235

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