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CASE STUDY 3An International Halal Food exhibition in Kuala

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CASE STUDY 3An International Halal Food exhibition in Kuala Lumpur realized that their exhibitors would needto discard thousands of kilograms of consumables (reusable food, raw paper, and other valuableproducts). The event planners contacted homeless shelters and the Kuala Lumpur district to findout how they could recycle these products. As a result of their pre-cycling, thousands of homelesspersons and students benefited from low-cost meals, thousands of free pencils and pens, and muchmore. However, as the event organizer for the upcoming Healthy Food Consumption and Wellnessexposition that will be held in December 2022, you are required to identify several issues in orderto establish a well-planned sustainable event initiatives.7. How could you pre-cycle items that may be left over from your upcoming event?(6 marks)I. Use chemical dishwasher or detergentII. Left over plain A4 papers turn into notepadIII. Used paper containers, plates, cutleriesIV. Limit number or volume of purchase to reduce wastagesV. Use non-biodegradable products for packagingVI. Use re-usable signageA. II, III and VIB. III, IV and VC. I, IV and VD. II, IV and VIE. I, III and IV8. How might some of the resources from your event be transformed and repurposed into otherusable products to benefit future events and community?(8 marks)I. Repurpose antique items for decoration at your own homeII. Sell left over pens/pencils to schoolIII. Foam used for packaging can use for insulation, photo frame or kids activityIV. Fabric from d?or could be used for the creation of clothing for your own useV. Potted plants used for landscape decoration could be planted in gardensVI. Left over plastics can turn into creative event merchandize like tote bag etc.VII. Repurpose marketing contents for podcast, YouTube, Instagram to share event informationwith consumersVIII. Plastics/papers from large scale event can sell to recycle center and the money can use foryour own purposeA. I, III, V and VIB. II, IV, V and VIIIC. V, VI, VII and VIIID. II, IV, V and VIE. III, V, VI and VII79. Identify the three (3) most appropriate stakeholders you should contact during your eventplanning process to determine who would be the best end user for your left over items?(6 marks)I. Local council/authority – they may have registered charity groups or home.II. Insurance institution that is known for its event-related risks coverage.III. Popular artist group who actively involved in entertainment events.IV. Schools located in the area your event is hosted.V. Sport club leaders in the destination where you hosting the event.VI. Convention and visitors bureau in the destination where you are conducting your event foradvice and counsel regarding the best receiving organizations.A. I, II , and IIIB. II, III, and IVC. III, IV, and VD. I, IV, and VIE. IV, V and VI10. Which of these three (3) statements are NOT TRUE about the benefits event host may gainfrom implementing the green event practices?(6 marks)I. Green event practices can be more risky from a planner perspective because event host ororganizer anticipating shortcomings in practice that could be a source of criticism orfinancial loss. For example, green practices for sponsors could help them avoid a wastefulrepresentations of their brand to attendees, which might be critiqued on social media.II. Promoting environmentally friendly methods can set your event apart from the competitorsand attract new attendees who buy into your approach.III. Focusing more on your environmental impacts can also reduce the potential to attract andretain staff.IV. Embracing and planning greener events you could actually be decreasing your chances ofinvestment. It could open doors to working with new clients to help meet their own CSRobjectives or procurement criteria. It may also attract the attention of a new sponsor andprovide unique ideas for sponsors’ activations.V. Reducing the environmental impact of your business will improve the sustainability of yourbusiness. If you are less dependent on natural resources than your competitors and haveways to deal with rising costs due to climate change, your business will have a greater chanceof long-term success and profitability.A. I, II , and IIIB. I, III, and IVC. II, IV, and VD. II, III, and IVE. I, IV and VTotal Case Study 3 = 26 marksCASE STUDY 4In San Diego, California, a convention closed two entire city blocks and erected portable stages ateach end. The age level for the audience was primarily baby boomers and Y generations. Theclosing act was the 1980s rock and roll band Kool and the Gang. When the band performed theirpopular hit “Celebrate,” the entire street erupted into dancing, and the band was forced to performnumerous encores. However, the feedback from the generation Y were not encouraging becausemusical genre was mostly tailored for the baby boomers. As event organizing team, you shouldtake into account the best approaches of managing the entertainment event at the planning phaseto avoid poor feedback from the audience.11. What are the two (2) best ways to determine the best genre of music for your audience?(4 marks)I. Get the feedback from the event attendees after the event ends.II. Share event feedback in the social media of past events.III. Examine their age and cultural history, and survey them in advance.IV. Promote the proposed event teaser to the potential targeted audience in the local musicenthusiast club and get them to notify their likes or dislike about the particular genre ofmusic.A. I and IVB. II and IIIC. I and IIID. II and IVE. III and IV12. What are the best three (3) approaches should you safely control the crowd for a performancein the middle of a spontaneously dance?(6 marks)I. Provide sufficient stewards and marshals (street personnel).II. Put up barricades at each section of the event venue to control unnecessary entrance and exitfor the crowds.III. Stop the musical performance immediately.IV. Ask the artist to immediately change music genre.V. Have proper signage and a proper public address system.A. I, II and IIIB. II, III and IVC. I, III and VD. II, III and VE. I, II and VTotal Case Study 4 = 10 marksBusinessManagementHTT 537

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