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Codes must be given in correct order when two or more are re

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Codes must be given in correct order when two or more are required.Must be ICD-10-CM Coding format.A 44-year-old female comes in for assessment of diarrhea with blood and mucus.?he is experiencing abdominal pain and cramps.?emp is 101.7.?atient reports feeling exhausted.?he has 3 weeks of feeling bowel urgency and some inability to control bowels.?his is the 4th?isit in 7 months for these symptoms.?olonoscopy reveals pancolitis with abscess and has become chronic in nature at this point.Dx: Chronic pancolitis with abscessIdentify the correct diagnosis code:?______Inpatient visit to General Hospital today to evaluate Jim, a 67-year-old male in coma with chronic hepatic failure.?kin and eyeballs are jaundiced.?bdominal swelling.?o change in condition.Dx: Chronic hepatic failure with comaIdentify the correct diagnosis code:?______This 21-year-old female presents today with concern over feeling a “small bump” on her labia. Visual exam confirms polyp.Dx: Labial polypIdentify the correct diagnosis code: _______A 5-year-old female is brought in today by her parents. They are concerned that she is not growing properly and that her hair appears to be thinning. They also note that her wounds seem to take a long time to heal and that she often complains of a “funny taste” in her mouth. Dad states that they follow a strict vegetarian diet. Full workup urine and blood. Labs confirm that the child is zinc deficient.Dx: Dietary zinc deficiencyIdentify the correct diagnosis code: _______This 39-year-old male is seen today for evaluation of bleeding issues.?e has noticed small amounts of blood in urine/stool for nearly a month.?e states that for years he has been prone to bruising, nosebleeds, and prolonged bleeding of minor cuts.?e has tingling and tightness at knees, ankles and elbows, all of which are swollen and warm to the touch – displays classic signs of bleeding into the joints.?ue to his prior history of hemophilia B, it is certain he has developed hemophilia arthropathy.Dx: – hemophilic arthropathy due to hemophilia BIdentify the correct diagnosis codes, at least 2:Patient is a 9-month-old female who is brought in by her parents for follow up of labs.?atient has been seen several times for intermittent fever, joint swelling, and inflammation of skin.?he is often cranky and appears to be in pain.?nitial onset was at 2 mos.?olecular genetic testing confirms presence of LPIN2 gene mutations.Dx: Majeed syndromeIdentify the correct diagnosis code:10-month-old male brought in today by mom. Baby has a fever, is fussy and seems to be in pain. He has had decreased urine output and mom found a small amount of blood in his diaper this morning. Ultrasound performed.Dx: HydroureterIdentify the correct diagnosis code: _______CHIEF COMPLAINT: This 23-year-old female is back today for excessive sweating in the axilla.?edicated antiperspirant and oral anticholinergics have not provided relief.VITALS: Ht: 5’6, Wt: 117; BP: 120/80; Temp: 98.6CONSTITUTIONAL: Patient is oriented x4.?atient is in a pleasant mood but appears not to be well-rested.?tates that she has been awakened by night sweats.SKIN: Supple and warm.?egative for rashes.?here is an excessive amount of yellow-tinged wetness radiating out from under both axilla.ASSESSMENT AND PLAN: axilla hyperhidrosis, will write a letter of necessity for insuranceIdentify the correct diagnosis code:?______The patient is a 17-year-old male who states that he has a boil on the back of his neck. He initially thought it was a pimple but it has grown and is painful. Visual inspection confirms the furuncle.Dx: Furuncle of neckIdentify the correct diagnosis code: _______The patient presents today complaining of pain in the left arm. She states that it started two days ago and she has had no relief with OTC NSAIDs, acetaminophens, rest, heat or ice. She doesn’t remember any trauma. Will order x-ray.Dx: Pain in left armIdentify the correct diagnosis code: _______91-year-old female resident of Sunny Day Nursing Home.?atient is bedridden and today’s visit is to assess the status of previously diagnosed bed sores.?x: Stage 3 pressure ulcer, left buttock; stage 2 pressure ulcer right buttock; stage 1 pressure ulcers on right and left upper back.Note:?here is no code order specific required for this question; however,?n most cases, you would code the worst stage as primary and so forth.?dentify the correct diagnosis codes, a total of 4:CHIEF COMPLAINT:?2-year-old female comes in today for workup of abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.?tates fever with chills.?ain after meals.VITAL SIGNS:?t: 5’6, Wt: 173, Temp: 99.9, BP: 125/82CONSTITUTIONAL:?leasant, well-nourished patient.?lert and oriented x4.SKIN:?arm and supple.?ppears jaundiced.ABDOMEN:?ppears bloated.?harp pain RUQ; pain spreads to right shoulder.?ender all quadrants.?IAGNOSTIC:?olor flow Doppler ultrasoundIMPRESSION: Acute cholecystitis with perforation of gallbladderIdentify the correct diagnosis codes, total of 2:An 18-year-old female presents today with complaints of frequent nose bleeds, excessive bleeding during menstruation and she states that she bruises very easily. PT & APTT was positive for VWF.Dx: Von Willebrand’s DiseaseIdentify the correct diagnosis code: _______CHIEF COMPLAINT: 33-year-old male presents for evaluation of severe pain in abdomen and backHPI: Waves of pain in abdomen, back and side.?he pain changes in intensity and shifts location.?requent urination with pain.?ositive for nausea/vomiting.?loudy, foul smelling urine.?enies blood in urine.?o relief with NSAIDs or acetaminophen.VITAL SIGNS: Ht: 6’2, Wt: 202, BP: 128/86, Temp: 102.3CONSTITUTIONAL: A&Ox3.?incing with pain.GI: Pain on palpation just under ribs.?ain radiates to RLQ and LLQ and groin.?o masses detected.DIAGNOSTIC: Labs and x-rayDx: Calculus of kidney and ureterIdentify the correct diagnosis code:?______32-year-old male is seen for itching blister-type sores in the scalp.?Visual exam confirms perifolliculitis.?abs confirm staphylococcus aureus.Dx: Perifolliculitis due to staphylococcus aureusIdentify the correct diagnosis codes, total of 2:The patient is a 42-year-old male who presents today with pain in his right hip. He states that it is a 9 on a scale of 1-10. He is a runner. Runs 4-6 times a week since he was a teen. Order for MRI.Dx: Pain in right hipIdentify the correct diagnosis code(s): _______Janet is a 33-year-old patient who presents today with a dislocation of her left knee. This is the 3rd dislocation in 2 years and follows a 4-mile hike.Dx: Recurrent dislocation, left kneeIdentify the correct diagnosis code(s): _______This 26-year-old female is seen today in follow-up for cocaine dependence. She states that she is feeling better and that her appetite has increased while chills, tremors, and nerve pain have decreased. She is no longer experiencing bouts of exhaustion and restlessness. Urine/blood test negative for the presence of cocaine.Dx: Cocaine dependence, in remissionIdentify the correct diagnosis code(s): _______The patient returns today for follow-up. She has completed a 14-day course of antibiotics and has no relief from fever, sore throat, fatigue, headache and body aches. She is a 15-year-old student. Monospot antibody confirms mono.Dx: MononucleosisIdentify the correct diagnosis code(s): _______?A 24-year-old male comes in today complaining of back pain, nausea and a burning sensation upon urination. He also states that he has noticed some blood in his urine. Ultrasound confirms the presence of kidney stones.Dx: Kidney stonesIdentify the correct diagnosis code(s): _______ScienceHealth ScienceCM 175

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