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Employers are generally quick to settle discrimination charg

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Employers are generally quick to settle discrimination charges… Employers are generally quick to settle discrimination charges prior to litigation:a. because litigation is takes time and they want the employee back to work asap.b. when there is credible evidence of discrimination.c. because once it reaches the litigation phase they are very likely to lose in court.d. with or without credible evidence so no one else learns about the charge.The highly-unionized sectors of the American workforce have:a. suffered employment declinesb. significantly increased in size.c. maintained size after experiencing some early declines.d.experienced little change since the early 20th century.Labor relations laws apply to:a. unionized employers.b. non-union employers.c. all employers.d. employers who employ more than 5 employees. The weapons used by organized labor in the 1870’s – 1890’s to obtain recognition and economic gains were:a. guns and cannonsb. picketing, strikes and boycotts.c. rumors and actions similar to the Boston tea Party.d. Sunday sermons by local preachers denouncing employers with poor labor relations policies.The decline of unionized workers in the US:a. is due to the rise in labor-saving technology.b. is because the work of unions is now done and workers feel their rights are protected by their employers.c. is a myth and the percentage of workers has remained by the same over the past 20 years.d. is a myth because unions have gained members from the healthcare industry and they replace the workers lost from the shrinking manufacturing industry.The Labor Management Relations Act is also referred to as:a. the Taft-Hartley Actb. Wagner Actc. NLRAd. ARMLMultiemployer bargaining units:a. are banned because they cannot fully represent the members with each unique employer.b. exist in many industries.c. is seen as an advantage for employees.d. are only legal in southern states.Members of Local 878 feel their union no longer serves their interests and they want to no longer be represented by them. The members must:a. conduct a union card solicitation campaign.b. have the employer completed a card check.c. file a decertification petition.d. send a certified letter to the union indicating the bargaining unit held a public card signing and 60% of the bargaining unit members signed the back stating they willfully and without coercion, no longer intend to be in the union or pay the associated dues.During a certification election employers:a. may not promise benefits or threaten reprisals.b. may exercise their right to free speech and tell employees they will close the business if the union is certified and move it to another state.c. may promise bonuses to all employees who do not vote for the union.d. may threaten to make all employees work overtime without being paid an overtime rate.When employees are seeking to unionize they may have a valid election once every:a. month.b. quarter.c. 6-months.d. 12-months.In the 24 hours prior to a union election:a. both the employer and union may give a 10 minute speech to a captive audience in support or against the union.b. only the employer may give a captive audience speech because they have the most to lose.c. neither the union or the employer may give a captive audience speech.d. only the union may give a captive audience speech because they have the least amount of contact with the employees.The Taft-Hartley Amendments to the NLRA, added to Section 7:a. employees’ rights to refrain from any union and all such activities.b. employers’ rights to not recognize a union.c. employees’ rights to selecting the name and mascot for their union.d. employers’ rights to make overtime mandatory.Employers can commit an unfair labor practice by:a. posting videos on youtube sharing information about the cons of joining a union, like having to pay union initiation fees and dues.b. sharing information about the current positive work conditions and benefits employees enjoy – on-site daycare, cafeteria style benefit plan, 401k with a match.c. bargaining in good faith with a newly elected union.d. implying the loss of jobs if employees join the union.Surveillance of employee union activities:a. is allowed during a union recognition drive.b. is usually an unfair labor practice.c. is allowed during strikes so employers know which employees are striking and which are available to fill open shifts.d. is always illegal as defined in the National Railroad Act.A permanent shutdown of a unionized company:a. is always illegal.b. is the right of the owners and is always legal.c. is legal even when antiunion reasons are the main reasons.d. is legal as long as it is based on legitimate economic considerations rather than antiunion reasons.During an economic strike an employer may:a. replace strikers permanently.b. replace strikers with temporary employees.c. not replace strikers with any new employees.d. not replace strikers with current non-union employees.Sarah accepted a position with General foods and the cashier position is part of the bargaining unit. Since there is a union shop agreement what is the minimum number of days she has to join the union?a. 14b. 10c. 30d. 45Right-to-work laws prohibit:a. all unions.b. union shop and agency shop agreements.c. strikes.d. lockoutsJane is negotiating her employer’s first union contract. She should be prepared to negotiate the following mandatory subject(s):a. wagesb. hoursc. none of the above as there are no mandatory subjects.d. wages and hoursA bargaining impasse occurs when:a. One party refuses to negotiate anymore.b. Irreconcilable differences are reached after full, good faith negotiations.c. An employer runs out of money and has to shut down the company.d. One party threatens a strike or lockdown to encourage the other side to give in to their demands.Local union 765 raised its initiation fee from $100 to $250 to impede the employer from hiring part-time employees. This is an example:a. of the ability for a union to set its own internal practices without employer interference.b. of a union protecting its members from unfair labor practices by an employer.c. of an excessive initiation fees and dues unfair labor practice.d. of a union being financially responsible and protecting its members.B&C railroad has a union contract that requires a coal shoveler to be present on every train. B&C railroad no longer operates steam engines requiring coal. The requirement to maintain this position that no longer performs work is called:a. ticket taking.b. featherbedding.c. moonlighting.d. sunshine rule.Throughout the 20th century there are many documented instances of violence during strikes. Violence:a. was lawful until 2015 when the Anti-Violence Trust Act was passed by Congress.b. is a lawful strategy occasionally used during a bargaining impasse.c. is considered a protected strike activity as long as no one is considered an unlawful mean and is not a protected strike activity.Certain employer violations are considered by the NLRB and courts as highly coercive of employees’ Section 7 Rights. These hallmark violations include:a. youtube videos sharing the employer’s hope to continue a positive relationship with its employees no matter the outcome of the election.b. threats of plant closure.c. being forced to watch Hallmark movies during lunch and paid breaks.d. continuing to provide bagels during the Tuesday morning team trainings. The bagels may not be distributed again until after the election even though the company has done this for 10 years.The immigration status of employees is generally _____?n NLRB representation cases.a.reviewedb. challengedc. not relevantd. discussedSocial media interactions are:a. usually protected by Section 7 of the NLRA because employees have the right to discuss their terms and conditions of employment with their coworkers.b. not covered by any major labor relations legislation because they were enacted well before the internet was even created.c. only protected if the employer does not have a social media policy.d. monitored by a division of the NLRB and if an unfair labor practice is detected then the NLRB will send a warning letter to the person or company who participated in the unfair labor practice.nearly all collective bargaining contracts require disputes to be resolved through:a. ADR.b. arbitration.c. strikes.d. picketing.?he NLRA does not cover:a.part-time employees.b. minors and part-time workers.c. airline workers and independent contractors.d. team leads.Employers and unions are required to:a. quarterly to review grievances.b. ensure all employees are happy and fulfilled in their careers.c. bargain in good faith with a sincere desire to reach an agreement.d. have a lottery to determine the members of the bargaining unit.Under the NLRA, supervisors:a. may choose if they want to join the bargaining agreement.b. in the interest of the employer, have the authority to make personnel decisions, to responsibly direct other employees and settle their grievances.c. are not defined because each employer has the right to define job responsibilities.d. are required to be a member of the bargaining unit.All EEOC lawsuits begins with:a. an overview of pertinent law.b. a motion to dismiss.c. a complaint.d. a motion for summary judgment.In discrimination cases, employees generally have _____ days to file a charge with the EEOC.a. 50b. 80c. 120d. 300In direct recognition:a. a public meeting is held to select a union.b. the employer recognizes the union without an election.c. an online election is held.d. an economic strike happens for a 24-hour period.BusinessManagementHuman Resource ManagementHURS 233

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