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Genie in a Bottle Company (GBC) manufactures plastic two-lit

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Genie in a Bottle Company (GBC) manufactures plastic two-liter bottles for the beverage industry. The cost?tandards?er 100 two-liter bottles are as follows:Cost CategoryStandard Costper 100 Two-LiterBottlesDirect labor?1.44??irect materials?.96??actory overhead0.44??Total?6.84??t the beginning of July, GBC management planned to produce 440,000 bottles. The actual number of bottles produced for July was 475,200 bottles. The actual costs for July of the current year were as follows:Cost CategoryActual Cost for theMonth Ended July 31Direct labor??$6,706??Direct materials??23,004??Factory overhead??2,112???otal??$31,822??Enter all amounts as positive numbers.a.?repare the July manufacturing?tandard cost?udget (direct labor, direct materials, and factory overhead) for WBC, assuming planned production.Genie in a Bottle CompanyManufacturing Cost BudgetFor the Month Ended March 31Standard Cost atPlanned Volume(440,000 Bottles)Manufacturing costs:Direct labor$fill in the blank 19757b01ff8a078_1Direct materialsfill in the blank 19757b01ff8a078_2Factory overheadfill in the blank 19757b01ff8a078_3Total$fill in the blank 19757b01ff8a078_4b.?repare a budget performance report for manufacturing costs, showing the total?ost variances?or direct materials, direct labor, and factory overhead for July. Enter a favorable variance as a negative number using a minus sign and an unfavorable variance as a positive number. Round your answers to two decimal places.Genie in a Bottle CompanyManufacturing Costs-Budget Performance ReportFor the Month Ended March 31ActualCostsStandard Costat ActualVolume (475,200Bottles)CostVariance-(Favorable)UnfavorableManufacturing costs:Direct labor$fill in the blank 8b66eb072011ff2_1$fill in the blank 8b66eb072011ff2_2$fill in the blank 8b66eb072011ff2_3Direct materialsfill in the blank 8b66eb072011ff2_4fill in the blank 8b66eb072011ff2_5fill in the blank 8b66eb072011ff2_6Factory overheadfill in the blank 8b66eb072011ff2_7fill in the blank 8b66eb072011ff2_8fill in the blank 8b66eb072011ff2_9Total manufacturing cost$fill in the blank 8b66eb072011ff2_10$fill in the blank 8b66eb072011ff2_11$fill in the blank 8b66eb072011ff2_12c.?he Company’s actual costs were $681.68??han budgeted.??irect labor and direct material cost variances more than offset a small??actory overhead cost variance.Image transcription text) DaBaby Radio – Pandora XCengageNOWv2 | Online teachinX Homework Help – … Show more… Show moreImage transcription textD I D [:II) DaBaby Radio , Pandora X ja: CengageNOWvZ | Online teachll XL. Homework Help , Q&a… Show more… Show moreImage transcription text) DaBaby Radio – Pandora XCengageNOWv2 | Online teachin X*Homework Help – Q… Show more… Show moreAccountingBusinessManagerial AccountingBIOL 2402

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