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Give your opinion, whether you agree or not.1.?oes informat

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Give your opinion, whether you agree or not.1.?oes information technology help or hurt the democratic way of life??ow so??Technology has become one of the main means of getting information.?oliticians, government agencies, and other authoritative institutions use technology to get information to people all over the world.?nformation, regardless if accurate or not, help people make decisions or formulate opinions on topics.?aving the ability to make their own decisions and being able to free vote is the basis of democracy.?owever, technology can be used to influence and manipulate opinion or perspective.?isinformation, and polarized content can create hostile and negative opinions about certain issues.?his could lead to distrust against the government, hate for a race or group, or civil unrest.?overnments have employed these tactics to create instability within its target’s citizens.?ations who favor a particular candidate in an election may employ these tactics to try getting their favored candidate to be elected.?nterference in the American democratic process can be damaging.??.?ow has the behavior of internet users changed due to evolution of technology (social networks, virtual reality, cloud computing, etc.)?As platforms began to emerge that allowed users to gather digitally to share interests, communities formed.?s platforms became more popular and more people joined communities, polarized opinions can take an extreme form as more people start focusing on that content.?lgorithms built into technology platforms try to be helpful to users who may want to see more content will deliver more of the same type of content to the user.?his may further polarize a user since constant content is being viewed.?he development and evolution of the virtual environment birthed virtual reality.?irtual reality is a more immersive experienced that allows users to experience content and interact with it.?nfortunately, some content includes immoral genres and allow a person to immersive themselves in it can lead to acting out those genres in real life.?omputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyInformation SecurityITMG 481

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