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Give your opinion, whether you agree or not. Why is it impor

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Give your opinion, whether you agree or not. Why is it important… Give your opinion, whether you agree or not.Why is it important for organizations to have a business continuity plan in place?A business continuity plan is a predetermined way for an organization to maintain operations in the event of a disaster or emergency. Being able to continue to conduct business helps protect an organization’s reputation with their customers. Employees will be more confident knowing that a plan is already in place and that they will not have to determine how to do their jobs on the spot. It will also help ensure that the business meets all regulatory requirements for the appropriate handling of data which do not go away just because of a disaster.?hy is it important for organizations to have a disaster recovery plan?The loss of data for any reason can be catastrophic to any organization. Only 6 percent of companies suffering from a catastrophic data loss survive, 43 percent never reopen and 51 percent close within two years. There are several areas where data loss can happen. Hardware and software can fail. There is also the element of human error where data can be written over or accidentally deleted. Being able to immediately restore lost data will help save the credibility of the organization. By having ways to easily recover data that has been backed up and avoiding single points of failure, this will help them retain more customers and decrease loss in profits. With the combination of natural disasters, hardware failures and human error, the reality is that data loss is only a matter of when, not .If companies have both a BCP and a DRP in place, do they need to have an incident response plan? Please explain.The BCP and DRP focus on how the organization will conduct business in the event of external, uncontrolled events. The Incident Response Plan (IRP) is more focused on security threats. Andrew Paul defines an incident as An incident is best described as any situation, occurrence, or anomaly that may have an adverse impact on the security or confidentiality of protected information, assets, or business processes. These are direct attacks on the data. The IRP is similar to the BCP and DRP in that it lays out detailed instruction on how to address the issue but is a completely separate plan for a different scenario. Even if an organization has both a BCP and DRP, it should still have an IRP.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyInformation SecurityISSC 481

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