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help me kindly…..Rename the program from our te

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help me kindly…..Rename the program from our textbook to the program to use urllib instead of a socket. This code should still process the incoming data in chunks, and the size of each chunk should be 512 characters. Note that our textbook refers to a data chunk as a “block”. Chunk, block, and buffer are all commonly used terms in the industry to refer to an aggregation of data that is treated as a single unit to be processed, often as part of a set of such units. Be sure that you are accepting an URL from the user (i.e., keyboard). Section 12.8 Reading binary files using urllib shows you how to open a file and read fixed sized binary (character) values from a file, one chunk at a time. The first and second examples in the Reading binary files using urllib section separate the action of opening the file from the action of reading the file. The motivation of this assignment is to allow for the processing of very large files, which may be too large to fit into working memory. You cannot use a chunk (buffer) that grows beyond the 512 character limit! Do not use the value 512 as a magic number. Rather, it should be established as a named constant. Do not user magic numbers! A named constant is designated in ALL CAPS, with underscores separating multiple words (this is mentioned in our textbook). By the way, the term “magic” indicates that the effect of the number is in some way wondrous or inscrutable. Through the use of named constants, we remove all ambiguity, wonder, and inscrutability from our numbers.Many students make the mistake of doing something like this:entire_file += chunkReading chunks in a loop and concatenating those chunks into one very large “entire_file” buffer defeats the main intent of this assignment. You cannot do this!?Be careful with your names. Don’t use the variable name chunk, if the value you are assigning to it is a chunksize. Instead, establish it as the named constant CHUNK_SIZE. Make your names meaningful! MAX, PRINT, and DISPLAY are not as meaningful as PRINT_LIMIT. Since you are processing nothing but chunks of characters, there are no words in this assignment. So, don’t include word as part of any variable or constant name.?Add code that prompts the user for the URL so it can read any web page text file resource. The prompt should tell the user to type in an URL of a web page text file resource.?Add error checking using try and except to handle the condition where the user enters an improperly formatted or non-existent URL.?The decode method can be used to convert the binary data to a string format that is pleasing to the eye. For example,…print(str_utf8.decode(chunk))?Count the number of characters received (read), and stop displaying any text after it has shown exactly 3000 characters. Space characters, tab characters, and newline characters are characters, and should therefore be included in your count. All of your processing is in terms of chunks. So, you are not allowed to count or print character by character. Instead, you must increment your count by the size of the chunk of characters that you read. That size will always be equal to your default chunk size, except for the very last chunk that you read from the file. The last chunk that you read from the file will likely be less than your default chunk size. Since your chunk size will not divide evenly into 3000, you will need to add some logic to ensure that exactly 3000 characters (no more, and no less) are displayed. When you print your chunks, it is okay for them to be separated by a newline character. Do not use magic numbers! The values 3000 and 512 should be established as named constants. In Python, the convention is to name a constant by using an identifier in all caps: e.g., PRINT_LIMIT = 3000. Any other values that you might use should be derived from these two named constants. The idea is for to allow for the values 3000 and 512 to be adjusted (to 5000 and 256, for example), and still ensure that your code operates correctly.Very important! You are not allowed to calculate manually or programmatically the number of iterations needed to reach your 3000 character print limit. In other words, instead of counting iterations (or divisions), you need to count the number of characters that you have read so far.?Continue to retrieve the entire document, count the total number of characters, and display (i.e., print) the total number of characters (i.e., how many characters are in the entire document).?Be sure that all constant numeric values are established as named constants, and that they adhere to the Python convention of naming constants.Note: Because you are printing characters one chunk at a time, and you need to stop printing when you reach 3000 characters, there’s a point where you will need to print only the portion of the chunk that enables you to reach the 3000 character print limit. This printing of calculated portion of the last printable chunk is arguably the most challenging aspect of this assignment.Deliverable:Two files as attachments at our course shell assignment page. The first file should be a Python file with the specified functionality. The second file should be a screenshot image file (.png or .jpg) demonstrating the correct execution of your program with an URL of your choice. Your image does not need to show the entire output. Rather, it should just show the final result. Please ensure that your full name is specified as a Python comment at the top of the file.Submission Deadline:Please see the course schedule in our syllabus for all assignment submission deadlinesNeed help with my java programming discussion questionDo some online research and share your findings on the following topics:”Multiple Inheritance”. Include examples in your writing.Does Java support Multiple Inheritance? If not, does it provide an alternative to Multiple Inheritance? Elaborate on your answer.please answer the questions regarding the programming language java:What are the different types of loops you may use in Java? Be succinct and to the point.What is a sentinel? Be succinct and to the point.Differentiate between the File and PrintWriter classes; be succinct and to the pointImage transcription textWrite 3 programs to solve the following problems: . Problem 1: . Write a program that displaysWelcome to Java, Welcome to Computer Science, and Programming is fun. . Sample Output:Welcome to Java . Welcome to Computer Science Programming is fun . Problem 2: …. Show more… Show moreImage transcription textQUESTION 1: Java Overview Compare the Java and C++ programming languages. Your comparisonmust include only the differences between the languages. Total: 10… Show moreImage transcription textThere are three parts to this activity. Before you write a Java program for this activity. write thepseudocode for this program. Also, create the activity diagram for this program. Turn in thepseudo-code. UMLalelVlty diagram, and Java program. Create a program, call this Ja… Show more… Show moreComputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyJava ProgrammingCOMPUTER S 282

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