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How do we measure cash flow? Think about it from a personal

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How do we measure cash flow? Think about it from a personal pointof view. If you know how much cash inflow is coming in each month, you get to choose where your are going to spend that money. The alternative that most people do is to spend until there isn’t any money left to spend. Then, they continue to spend on credit thinking that one day their ship will come in and deliver them from the crushing burden of heavy debt.Choose to be in control of your life. Make an Excel spreadsheet, or there are multiple free apps online. Everyday Money is a good one from Dave Ramsey. List each source of cash that you have first. Then look at your credit/debit card statement and breakdown your spending from the previous month into discretionary and non-discretionary expenses.Then compare the cash inflows to outflows. There are only two choices. If you want to increase cash inflows, get a new job that pays more or a second or third job for a temporary basis until you can adjust your living standard to live within your primary job.On your expenses, create an emergency fund first by adding a small amount of your cash inflow to remove the chance you have to borrow money whenever an unexpected setback occurs. Then breakdown your expense between the must dos and the expenses where you choose to do.Once you know what your cash flows are, make your plans around paying off debt completely and living within your means so you can become financially independent through savings.This is a starting point. However, without this discipline to take control of your life, you may or may not reach the goals you set for yourself in life.BusinessFinanceFIN 370T

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