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I am having a hard time coming up with a reply to the Respon

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I am having a hard time coming up with a reply to the Response from… I am having a hard time coming up with a reply to the Response from a classmat.The DQ is: Share one strategy you have seen or would use to monitor the progress of learning in an early childhood classroom environment. Explain how you plan to use it in your future classroom.My Classmates Response to DQ:In the last four years, I have seen my lead teachers use different methods of how they monitor the progress of learning in the early childhood classroom environment. My favorite one was the matrix sheets. In my first year as a pre k assistant, I noticed that my co-teacher would set aside several copies of the matrix sheets. She used the matrix sheets for small groups and during large group activities. She would label the activity, the students, and check off if the student master it or needed more practice. I also did the same thing with the other groups. We also used the matrix sheets when the students played in centers. We would observe the students, then ask open-ended questions about the activity or toys they were playing with, etc. I think that this method was easy and accurate. My lead teacher would collect the data and enter the information in I believe bright from the start. I plan on using this method when I get to my classroom. To me, this was super easy and convenient for us as we gather the student’s information. I think using the matrix sheets is helpful especially when we sometimes forget important information. Matrix sheets will be my to-go too when I am monitoring my student’s progress in the classroom environment.Can you help me with an appropriate response to my classmate’s response?Thank you,DeborahArts & HumanitiesWritingCreative WritingEDUCATION ECE230

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