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Image transcription textPARENT PK ParentID FirstName INSTRUM

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Image transcription textPARENT PK ParentID FirstName INSTRUMENT LastName PK InstrumentlD Phone (1, 1) Description Address (1,m) Suburb (1, 1) LESSON ENROLLMENT ( 1, m ) PK LessonID PK EnrollmentID STUDENT FK InstrumentID (1,m) FK LessonID (1, m) FK InstructorID FK StudentID PK StudentID Class_Level (1, 1) FK ParentID … Show more… Show moreThe LESSON table contains information about the lessons operated by Gracie Music Learning Centre. The table includes lesson ID, instrument ID, instructor ID, class level, class size, and monthly fee. The Class_Size records the maximum number of students within the lesson. All lessons are conducted on a weekly basis. The INSTRUMENT table records all instruments taught by the instructors at Gracie Music Learning Centre. This table contains instrument ID and description. In the ENROLLMENT table, Lesson_Day indicates the day when the lesson takes place (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, etc.), while Lesson_Time shows the lesson time. Start_Date in the ENROLLMENT table indicates the date when the enrollments start, which normally takes place on the first day of the month. As long as the enrollment is still active, the End_Date will be left null. The student details are recorded in the STUDENT table. Meanwhile, the parent details are recorded in the PARENT table. Note that each parent may have more than one child enrolled in Gracie Music Learning Centre. To further manage and develop the learning centre, the management of Gracie Music Learning Centre requires a Data Warehouse for analysis purposes. The management is particularly interested in analysing the total number of new enrollment and total revenue (monthly fees of lessons for newly enrolled) by instruments, class size, lesson day, month (based on the start date of enrollment), and the qualification of the instructors. As a Data Warehouse Engineer, you have been contacted by Gracie Music Learning Centre to design a small Data Warehouse to keep track of the statistics. Note that the management wants to be able to drill down some information in the Data Warehouse in these formats: ? For class size, the management wants to be able to drill down based on different class sizes, including individual, small class size (<= 3 students), medium class size (between 4 and 6 students, and big class (> 6 students). ? The lesson day is categorised into weekdays (Monday to Friday) and weekends (Saturday and Sunday).Develop a star schema named GracieMusic. Identify the fact table, dimensions and attributes required to support the schema. The result of this task is a star schema diagram. You can use any drawing tool, such as Lucidchart or, to draw the star schema.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyMYSQL FIT 3003

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