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INSTRUCTION ARE AT THE VERY ENDESSAY NUMBER ONE Why I want to attend the University of AlbertaShort Personal Statement by a Geology StudentGrowing up in Canada with a life-long fascination for Canadian geography, I have always been interested in returning to the country. Although my family moved to the US before I entered high school, I have always kept my eyes turned north, especially in recent years as I began to read journal articles about research conducted on John Evans Glacier, located about 80?N latitude. Graduating next semester with a B.S. in computer science and engineering and a minor in geographic information systems, I am interested in attending the University of Alberta for graduate study.Geographic information systems (GIS) is a?ield especially suited to investigating spatial?atterns, modeling diverse scenarios, and overlaying spatial data. This semester, in my advanced GIS course, Spatial Data Structures and Algorithms, I am part ofa team developing a temporal database and program for tracing historical trading data. My computer science skills have also been put to use in two summer internship?rojects, where I acquired proficiency with?sing LIDAR (light detection and ranging) technology, now favored by NASA in its current 10-year study of Greenland and changes in the ice cap extent. Throughmy coursework and project experience, I have also accrued skills in using Arc/Info, ArcView, Microstation, and RDBMS software packages, and I am equally comfortable programming in Visual Basic, C++, and Java.ENG3U Why I want to attend the University of AlbertaFor my graduate research project, I would like to investigate methods for improving current GIS data models to better incorporate time as a variable in studying climate change. Changes in glaciers and polar environments occur rapidly, and these changes become important indicators of broader, potentially catastrophic, global changes. By developing and applying temporal GIS methods to glaciology, I can contribute to improved spatio-temporal analysis techniques for studying the polar environment and glaciers. Also, I can discern which temporal methods serve as the best?redictors and provide benefits to the GIS?esearch community that apply to areas other than glaciology.My long-term goals are to enter the GIS?ield as a consultant or to extend my?esearch and earn my Ph.D. at a program of international reputation. Having advanced experience with temporal GIS technology would make me a valuable consultant to a company, especially in the twin burgeoning?ields of computer science and GIS.In applying to the University of Alberta, I recognize your strengths in both computer science and glaciology, and the recent?pplication of these areas to field research?t Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, Canada, is especially appealing to me. With my deep- rooted interest in Canadian geology and recognition of the quality of your university programs, I hope you will give my application every consideration.ESSAY NUMBER TWOThe Shadowy Side of Romeo and Juliet: An Examination of Gloomy ThemesThemes are the central ideas within a narrative. These recurrent ideas enable readers to consider literature from various angles to broaden their perspectives.?omeo and Juliet?s the story of the enduring love of two young teenagers. It is considered one of the most widely read love stories in history. However, Shakespeare spins this playful story while skillfully exploring many shadowy themes. Although?omeo and Juliet?s about whimsical lovers and their quest to be together despite the objections of their families, this Shakespearean play also presents tragic themes central to human life. In?omeo and Juliet, the gloomy themes of violence, corrupt power, and the inevitability of fate are key to the love story.Firstly, the theme of violence plays a significant role in the story. The play has many scenes which include fighting and killing fueled by hatred. For example, Tybalt kills Mercutio, and although it was not intentional, the measure is extreme. Furthermore, in order to avenge Mercutio’s death and in a moment of desperation, Romeo kills Tybalt and Paris. Both murders are examples of the presence of violence in?omeo and Juliet. Finally, it is this violence that destroys the blind love of Romeo and Juliet and motivates them to commit suicide. These examples demonstrate how violence is a shadowy, recurring theme in this love story.In addition to violence, this play explores the corrupt power of the patriarchy. In?omeo and Juliet, important decisions are made by the men of the two families: the Capulets, and the Montagues. Lady Capulet and Lady Montague do not have the power to make these decisions and their opinions are not valued. It is Lord Capulet who selects Paris as his daughter’s future husband. Neither Lady Capulet nor Juliet are consulted in his decision. The ongoing, pointless feud between Lord Capulet and Lord Montague is another example of corrupt power. This patriarchal power is corrupt. It forces the children of the families to support a generational dispute and maintain an antagonistic relationship with the other family. The youth in this community have been taught to hate each other because of their names and, as a result, there is violence in the streets of Verona. Clearly the power of patriarchy forces the reader to consider this corrupt, shadowy theme.Copyright ?2020 The Ontario Educational Communications Authority. All rights reserved. 1TVO ILC ENG3U?he Shadowy Side of Romeo and Juliet: An Examination of Gloomy ThemesFinally, the inevitability of fate is another gloomy theme in?omeo and Juliet. The play is a Shakespearean tragedy and so the reader should not expect a happy ending. In fact, from the play’s beginning, the reference of “star-crossed lovers” foreshadows that the relationship will be thwarted by outside forces; the two lovers were destined to die from the beginning. Because of the poor choices made by the teenagers and by some of the adults in their lives, fate prevails and the young lovers’ lives end in tragedy. Another example of this shadowy theme is Friar John’s inability to deliver the letter to Romeo on time. This directly contributed to the sequence of events leading up to the suicides. The letter would have informed Romeo that Juliet was merely in a deep sleep and not dead. This is the most pivotal and tragic moment in the play as it leads to Romeo’s self-inflicted demise. Fate is inevitable and this theme plays a gloomy role in the story.Despite being considered one of the greatest love stories of all time,?omeo and Juliet?s a tragic play about violence, corrupt power, and the inevitability of fate. The theme of violence is recurring as the families’ hatred for each other is ongoing and persistent. In addition to this senseless feud, the theme of corrupt power is examined in the patriarchy of the Montagues and Capulets. Both Lord Montague and Lord Capulet abuse their power when making decisions for their wives and children. Finally, fate forces the reader to examine the inevitability of tragedy for Romeo and Juliet. Despite their potential, Romeo and Juliet are destined to die. These gloomy themes evoke thoughts central to human life in a love story otherwise considered innocent and pure.As you reread the essays, keep the following questions in mind. Once you are finished rereading, provide responses in the discussion thread.1. Which of the two essays do you think was more convincing? Why?. and How did the authors convince you with their arguments? Explain fully.Arts & HumanitiesEnglishENG 101

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