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Interpersonal Communication for Personal and Professional Su

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Interpersonal Communication for Personal and Professional Success… Interpersonal Communication for Personal and Professional SuccessSoft Skills Development Certificate of CompletionBased on those results and your analysis, you will look at your areas of strength and weakness.My overall score was: 47%My interpersonal skills 50% are below average. I should spend some time developing and practicing your interpersonal skills – this is likely to lead to better and more successful relationships with other people, at home, socially and at work or school.Listening Skills 56% – My listening skills are average.? may have picked up some bad listening habits or never previously thought about the active processes involved in effective listening. Although my listening skills are OK, I should think about developing them further by consciously practicing effective and active listening.Emotional Intelligence 47% – I achieved an average score for the emotional intelligence part of the assessment. Emotional intelligence is a measure of how well I understand and deal with my emotions and the emotions of others. Developing a better awareness of emotions and understanding why I and others behave in certain ways will enhance my interpersonal skills.?t is worth taking some time to understand and improve my emotional intelligence as it could be the most important aspect of personal development. Research has shown that people with higher emotional intelligence enjoy more satisfying and successful careers and relationships.Verbal Communication 52% – My verbal or spoken communication is average, most people fall into this category. As with all elements of interpersonal skills I should aim to work on improving my ability to communicate effectively using your voice – saying the right things at the right times to enhance the communication process. When I speak to others take time to think about what I am saying and how I am saying it.Communicating in Groups 34% – My score is below average. In most careers, and while at school or university, there will be occasions when I need to participate effectively in a group situation. When possible, you should work on building your confidence around other people, and practise communicating in social and family settings. I may find that working on my verbal communication and listening skills will also help to boost my confidence.Review the results of the four soft skills assessments you completed in all previous weeks: the Interpersonal Communication Skills Assessment, The Emotional Intelligence Assessment, The Listening Style Assessment, and The Conflict Style Assessment.?A brief discussion of each self-assessment and your resultsDescriptions of two soft skills that I feel are strengths for you. Please, help me how I will apply each of these in either my personal or professional life.Please, help me to Identify two interpersonal skills that are areas for development. Help me how to make an improvement plan for each one, with these steps clearly indicated:Name of interpersonal skillRationale for developmentSteps for developmentGoal or result of developmentApplication of enhanced skill in your personal or professional lifeArts & HumanitiesWritingCreative WritingCOMM 1008

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