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Involving children directly in the learning process is perti

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Involving children directly in the learning process is pertinent.Interactions such as the following examples can raise programming ideas. Using formal observation techniques and maintaining it carefully in a portfolio together with photographs and work samples provide children with the clear message that their work, ideas and identity are respected and appreciated, validation that provides important encouragement to their self-esteemExample 1Yasmin (a toddler aged 20 months) is having fun playing with blocks. She is trying to make a tower, but she keeps knocking it down. Barbara (also 20 months) wants to join in, but Yasmin won’t let her. After a while, Yasmin gets up and goes to the ball box. She gets some balls out and plays with them by herself. Barbara as if seeming to want to join in, just stands there watching.Example 2Yasmin chooses a box of coloured blocks and carries it to the mat. She sits down and selects three blocks: blue, green, and yellow. She places the green block on the mat, puts the blue block on top, and then the yellow block on top of the blue. Yasmin then knocks the blocks over, before she places the blue block on the mat, then the yellow on top, then the green. After a moment, she knocks them over again. Yasmin repeats this several times, each time changing the colour sequence of the block tower she builds.Barbara stands near Yasmin and neither girl speaks. After a few moments Yasmin puts the blocks, she was playing with back in the box and carries the box back to the shelf. She chooses the box of coloured plastic balls and carried it to the mat. She chooses a red ball, a green ball and a yellow ball. She places the red ball on the mat. When it rolls, she bends her leg and rests the ball against her foot. Yasmin then picks up the green ball and puts it on top of the red ball. It falls off. Yasmin repeats the manoeuvre several times.Barbara comes to stand about half a metre away from Yasmin to watch what she is doing. Yasmin looks up, points at the ball, and says, ‘Roly ball’. Barbara nods. Yasmin then picks up the yellow ball and puts it on top of the red ball. Both girls watch it fall off. ‘Roly ball!’ says Barbara. Both girls laugh.Activity Task SP 18aRead the example above. The?irst observation?ontains?ssumptions?nd?naccuracies; the?econd contains?etailed?actual objective?nformation presented straightforwardly.1.??dentify in the first example, the various assumptions made about Yasmin’s motivation and the two children’s interactions.2.??s there information in the second example that gives you an insight into Yasmin’s current interests?3.??ould this information help you design an appropriate program activity for Yasmin?4.??uggest up to three program activities that would extend Yasmin’s experience.Health ScienceScienceNursingCHILDCARE CHCECE024

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