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Issue #1: Hiring people with criminal backgrounds?ommunity:

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Issue #1: Hiring people with criminal backgrounds?ommunity: Ex-cons and individuals with criminal records. Men and women released from correctional facilities receive minimal preparation and inadequate assistance and resources, which makes their re-entry into communities challenging.?Explain why the issue is important to the community. Describe the different positions held by different members of the community.?Explain your position on this issue. Why you are interested in the issue? Why would readers need to better understand your position on the issue??ho holds different positions on this issue?Why do they hold these different positions?What are the implications of these different positions on the community and groups within it?Why do I have this position?What reasons for this position are most persuasive??hat evidence for this position is most convincing?Identify how you can use your argument to build bridges between groups with opposing viewpoints.?onsider what common ground or “shared realities” are held by opposing groups.Presents your position on the issue clearly and persuasively, using a combination of logos, pathos, and ethos to develop your argumentBuilds bridges between your position and others who hold opposing views by demonstrating fairness and generosity and finding common ground when appropriateSOURCES”Give Job Applicants with Criminal Records a Fair Chance.” Harvard Business Review, 21 Sept. 2020, Gurchiek, Kathy. “Research: Employers Willing to Overlook a Criminal Record to Hire the Right Person.” SHRM, SHRM, 16 Aug. 2019,, Lucius Couloute and Dan. “Out of Prison & out of Work.” Out of Prison & Out of Work | Prison Policy Initiative,, Roy. “Hiring People with Criminal Backgrounds Is Easier than You Think.” SHRM, SHRM, 16 Aug. 2019, McNutt, Timothy. “9 Myths about Hiring People with Criminal Records.” The ILR School, 26 June 2020, Midwest New Media, LLC – – (513) 742-9150. “Workplace Fairness.” Criminal Records, //, & HumanitiesEnglishENGL 1010

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