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Malik arrived in Australia on a student visa in 2018 and com

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Malik arrived in Australia on a student visa in 2018 and completeda three-year IT Degree at WSU. In 2021 Malik became a permanent resident visa holder. Due to the pandemic, Malik has never returned to Bangladesh. Each year since he arrived in Australia, he earnt AU$15,000 from rent on rental properties owned by him in Bangladesh. While he studied, Malik worked at Hungry Jacks. Earning $15,000 per annum. Malik liked working on computers and in 2019, began repairing computers in his spare time at home. He did this mostly for friends and fellow students. At first, he just charged people for parts, but then he began charging people $20 for each hour he worked. In 2019 he earnt $3,500 above costs? from this activity.In 2020 he became so busy repairing computer; that he quit his job at Hungry Jacks. In that year, Malik also began assembling and selling custom gaming computers. He stored dozens of computers in his spare room. He earnt $35,000 above cost, from fixing and selling computer from his home.?n 2021, he modified six of the computers for bitcoin mining. He made $50,000 from computer repairs and sales; and successfully mined 3.251 bitcoins valued at about $52,000 each. He sold .5 bitcoin for $26,000 in Jan 2021 to pay his electricity bill of $15,000 and to buy more mining computers.??is neighbours are not happy about the noise of the computers, and he is thinking of leasing a small factory unit.In July 2021 Malik came to you and explained that:He had not lodged his 2020 or 2021 tax returns. Advise him on his tax payable for each year. Your answer should discuss the tax effect of the bitcoin mining and sales and use IRAC to answer your question.??usinessManagementBusiness LawLAW 200869

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