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Multiple choice 9 questions. Choose the correct answer Quest

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Multiple choice 9 questions. Choose the correct answer Question 1… Multiple choice 9 questions. Choose the correct answer Question 1Random selection of subjects …Question 1 options:Eliminates bias.Controls for the dependent variables.Prevents contamination of subjects.Increases the number of participants.Question 2Using statistical techniques to assess and combine studies of the same design to obtain a precise estimate of effect is aQuestion 2 options:meta-analysis.primary research study.randomized control study.systematic review.Question 3PRISMA is aQuestion 3 options:public health research theorya primary data sourceguideline for reporting systematic reviewstool for appraising quality of clinical practice guidelines.Question 4 ____________ is database with health collected through a cross-sectional telephone survey that state health departments conduct monthly over landline telephones and cellular telephones with a standardized questionnaire with technical and methodological assistance from the CDC.Question 4 options:ICPSRBRFSSCDC WonderSEERQuestion 5In an ecological study, the unit of analysis isQuestion 5 options:groupsthe environmentindividualsnon-human subjectsQuestion 6A type I error in a randomized control trialQuestion 6 options:is when the study’s outcome is the treatment and control groups are not different, when in fact they are different.may be due to too large of a sample sizeis more critical as it incorrectly identifies that the treatment has an effect when in fact it does generally defined as acceptable above 10% of the sampleQuestion 7Cross-sectional studiesQuestion 7 options:measure incidencemeasure prevalenceare used to determine temporal relationshipsare when participants are followed for a long period of time to gather dataQuestion 8When developing a survey, target populations areQuestion 8 options:very broad guidelines to capture all data and eligibility is determined during analysisdefined in step one of designing the surveythe entire set of units for which the survey data are to be used to make inferences.not sufficient to describe the unit of analysisQuestion 9 __________ sampling allows the initially chosen sample population to refer others for inclusion into the study.Question 9 options:StratifiedProbabilityMixed methodsRespondent-assistedScienceHealth SciencePBHE PBHE550

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