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Must use ICD-10-CM Codes.What codes are reported on the newb

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Must use ICD-10-CM Codes.What codes are reported on the newborn record according to the coding guidelines?Respond to both scenarios separately.Discuss one complication that can occur with a newborn and the code for the complication.Scenario 1: Patient at 40 weeks gestation presents stating her water has broken and her contractions are increasing. During labor, nuchal cord (Young, 2017) is discovered without compression and causing no adverse effects to fetal heart rate. Cord is removed safely and patient delivers one liveborn infant.Codes:?69.81X0, Labor and delivery complicated by cord around neck, without compression, single gestation.Z3A.40, 40 weeks gestation of pregnancy.Z37.0, single live birth.Chapter 15 guidelines state code O80 should only be used for a full term uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery. When searching Delivery, complicated by, we find umbilical cord around neck, without compression which leads us to O69.81- to be used in place of O80. The seventh character of 0 must be added to indicate a single gestation. All maternal records must have a delivery code from category Z37. And the gestation weeks of pregnancy code is provided.Scenario 2:A 38 week pregnant patient arrives at the hospital maternity floor two weeks early due to a sudden onset of labor.?he patient’s water broke at home and contractions started shortly after.?ue to a previous cesarean section this patient had a planned cesarean section scheduled in two weeks but with the unset of labor the procedure for delivery has been arranged.?atient was prepped and escorted to the operating room.?er vitals and the fetus vitals remained normal.?he cesarean section was completed and successful.?he patient delivered one healthy infant.Codes: O34.21-Previous Cesarean DeliveryO75.82-Onset (spontaneous) of labor after 37 completed weeks of gestation but before 39 completed weeks gestation with delivery by planned cesarean sectionZ3A.38-38 weeks gestation of pregnancyZ37.0- Single Live BirthScienceHealth ScienceCM 175

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