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n this module, we’ve seen examples of how anthropology can o

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n this module, we’ve seen examples of how anthropology can offer solutionsto real-world social problems. Now here is your chance to apply the anthropology you’ve learned to an issue that interests you personally. Come pick a topic and share your insights!Before You BeginReview the:-Applied Anthropology Power Point in M15-Use of ethnographic methods for research (p. 24 -25)-Textbook examples of Applied Anthropology (pp. 7-11, 13-14)Your AssignmentBe sure to address each of the following components of this assignment:1. SELECT: Select one topic of?pplied anthropology?rom the chart below. View the suggested examples to get you thinking about the topic.SubfieldsTopicsExamples of Applied AnthropologyArchaeologyForensicsGarbologyImmigrants & ArtifactsClosure for Guatemalan genocide?video)Tucson Garbage Project?video)Combining garbology and issues around migration?article)BiologicalDiseases/epidemicsPrimatologyRole of anthropologists in epidemics?article)Jane Goodall & primate conservation?video):CulturalFood as DiplomacySustainable food sourcesIndigenous medicineUrban farmingAmazon ConservationDesign & marketingFood promotes cross-cultural understanding?video)Insects as Protein?video)Medicine in the Amazon?video)Farming in Detroit?article)New Study: One Size Approach Does Not Fit All Rainforests(article) & anthropology in design?article)LinguisticsLanguage & advertisingLanguage & environmentLanguage revitalizationImportance of language and context?article)Language loss linked to loss of biodiversity?article)Native American languages in CA?article & video)2. RESEARCH: Research the internet to find another article, website, or video (under 15 minutes) that uses anthropology to address the topic and subfield you’ve selected.3. ANALYSIS: Analyze the article/website/video you have found. Use the following prompt questions to guide your analysis.?ake sure to include information from both the required example and your own research example?n your analysis.-The Problem: What is the social problem?-What are the main issues?-What communities or individuals are affected?-What is the solution being sought?-The Anthropological Connection: How does this social problem relate to anthropology?-Which subfield(s) of anthropology are involved?-What anthropological methods or information can contribute to a solution? How?-Use appropriate anthropological terms and specific, concrete examples of what anthropologists did or could do.-Your Reflection: Use an anthropological perspective to point out aspects of the articles/websites/videos that you find interesting or thought-provoking.-Why are you personally interested in this topic?Social ScienceAnthropologyANTH 112

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