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Overview: You have been hired as a cybersecurity professiona

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Overview: You have been hired as a cybersecurity professional to… Overview: You have been hired as a cybersecurity professional to conduct a security assessment on Limetree Inc.’s systems and processes to identify the root cause of the security breach and discover additional vulnerabilities that could impact Limetree’s operation in the future. Your assessment of Limetree Inc.’s environment will be conducted by reviewing the Final Project Scenario document (located in Module Three of your course). For part of this assessment, you will incorporate into your analysis the results of the interview with Jack Sterling (security manager) found in the scenario, and you will be able to identify vulnerabilities related to systems security, personnel and administrative security, and physical security, relating these to the breach from your physical vulnerabilities short paper in Module Three. Prompt: For this assignment, you will provide a profile of the organization in the final project scenario and describe the details of the breach incident. Specifically, you must address the following critical elements: I. Introduction: Provide a brief profile of LimeTree Inc. In your profile, you could consider the industry in which the business or organization operates and the product or service that is its focus. II. Security Breach: In this section, you will analyze the current information security breach at Limetree Inc., describing the business or organizational unit that has been affected by this breach and explaining how the breach occurred. A. Attack Location: Analyze the security breach that occurred to determine what part of the business or organization was attacked. B. Attack Method and Type: Analyze the security breach to determine the method and type used to effect the attack. C. Vulnerabilities: Discuss the vulnerabilities of the business or organization that were exploited and how the vulnerabilities were discovered. Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyInformation SecurityISE -510

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