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Please answer as many as possible :) Thank-you kindly. Selec

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Please answer as many as possible 🙂 Thank-you kindly. Select THREE Regulations from Estate Agents (Professional Conduct) Regulations 2018. Explain how they apply in real estate.List TWO methods you could use to ensure your client understands any necessary industry jargon when communicating with them.Name the relevant section and describe the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 that applies to locks on door and locks on windows and keys.Case Study 1:Marissa is one of the agent’s representative with Victorian Star Real Estate. Graham is looking to purchasean apartment in an inner-city suburb and has shown keen interest in a small apartment that Marissa has listed.Graham notices that there is a vacant lot across the property and asked whether there is any planned development in the future.Marissa is excited because this apartment has been listed for two months and she really wants to close the deal before she goes away on a holiday next month. However, she is aware of the planned development at the vacant lot.?) Should Marissa let Graham know about the planned development? Identify TWO (2) breaches and refer to the relevant Act and/or Regulationsb) What advice would you give Marissa?Describe at least FOUR strategies that you would use to market a property Describe the process from acceptance of the offer through to settlement. Explain what the agent is required to complete and when in the time from signing of contract to the settlement day. Cover at least FOUR points in your answer.Case Study 2:Consider the following situations and issues and, referring to the relevant legislation, explain any legal and/or ethical requirements in relation to property sales.?) In estimating the selling price, you recommend a price range of $500,000 to $590,000?) A potential buyer contacts you, wants to buy a property you are selling. He intends to tear down the house, build two units and lease them. He offers $1,390,000 and tells you that if you can get the vendor to accept this price, he will provide you with 4 x First Class tickets to Europe and four weeks of your expenses paid.?hat legislation covers this scenario??hat are the possible consequences if you were to agree to the buyer’s proposal?c) You have also been approached a potential buyer who makes an offer of $1,400,000 on a listing that you have. You believe that the house will sell for more, so you do not pass on the offer to the vendors.?hat Professional Conduct Regulation will you be breaching in this scenario and what penalties will apply?Business

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