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Please solve these questions: Explain in details what separa

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Please solve these questions: Explain in details what separation of… Please solve these questions:Explain in details what separation of power is and how are laws made in Bangladesh??Also discuss if the legal system in Bangladesh is common law based or civil law and why??5marks)?Mr. Alom wishes to know whether or not he can refuse to carry out the following arrangements without finding himself in breach of contract. Advise him on the following situations with legal reasonings:Mr. Alom offered to sell his car to Farhana for Tk.500,000 and stated that he would assume that Farhana had accepted his offer unless he informed Mr. Alom to the contrary. Farhana has not been in contact with Hero Alom but she has contacted her bank manager Mr. Topu and agreed a loan to purchase the car stating the reason for loan as car purchase from Mr. Hero Alom.?2.5 marks)Hero Alom has a license to sell 9mm handguns and pistols and thereby contacts Aslam to sell 35 handguns (9mm) for 120,000 Taka each. Aslam accepts the offer to buy 35 handguns (9mm) for 120,000 Taka each and also sends a cheques of amount 10,00,000 Taka as advance. After receiving the cheque Hero Alam discovers that Aslam actually does not have any license to buy any 9mm handguns or pistols or to deal in any arms deal.?2.5 marks)Andrew is an 80 years old aged man, who agreed to sell his house to David for 5,20,0000 Taka but he inadvertently signed the contract with David for 520,000 Taka. David is now seeking to enforce the agreement. Advise Andrew on the legal ramifications of this case and also make him aware of the essential elements of contract.(5 marks)What are the differences between and indemnity and guarantee? Explain with examples and proper laws??3 marks)Explain void and voidable contracts with examples.?2 marks)BusinessManagementBusiness LawLAW 200

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