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Preface:The Challenge:Fieldwork Observation*:Step 1: ?Resea

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Preface:The Challenge:Fieldwork Observation*:Step 1: ?Research the purpose and objectives of a The field of Human Resources Management (HRM) has evolved in the last few decades.?Once viewed as a “Personnel” office handling duties ranging from intake of new hires to processing benefit forms to “exiting” employees and its associated ‘paperwork’,?the HR profession has transformed itself into a ‘strategic’ partner with interactions with top C-suite Executives and Board of Directors, if applicable.?The HR profession has several certifications as granted through “HR Certification Institute?(HRCI?, which maintains accreditation from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). NCCA accreditation further validates that [the] certification(s) meets the highest standards and requirements.”At times, the staff does not always fully utilize the services of the HR services.?In certain companies, the HR functions are outsourced for various reasons or possibly not addressed at all (i.e. training, leadership programs, employee relations, recruitment, benefits administration, internal audits, etc.).?Perhaps the challenges of outsourcing or the absence of HR services stems from several factors, such as high risk of addressing legal obligations, limited funding,?costly permanent hires to handle HR duties, such as new hire paperwork, in-house training, payroll, benefit administration, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), investigations, handbook updates, etc.? In lieu of our traditional “fieldwork observation”, the assignment may be completed with the following research and adaptation. Professional Employer Organization (PEO) as it relates to HR functions.?Step 2: ?[7 pts]List at least three (3) key attributes of a PEO.Describe the value or benefit it provides to the Organization (client) for each key attribute(s) above.?A minimum of 3 attributes must be described in at least one sentence or more in your own words.?Be sure to cite your sources to supplement your own analysis.?f you cannot find at least three (3) benefits or value of a PEO, then you may substitute any with a key disadvantage or downside of a PEO.Step 3: ?[15 pts]For this scenario, you are the HR Manager evaluating the economical cost and benefit analysis of handling the HR function(s)?in-house or proposing to outsource the function.?Create a decision tree or another ‘decision-making’ model as described in your Textbook?(Chapter 11:?Decision Making) or another reliable source online to show how you would arrive at the conclusion to outsource or retain functions in-house by internal staff members.?Include your work in the Google slides or attached as a separate file in Laulima>Assignment to earn full credit. ?lternatively, submit your work or attachment or link in Google classroom.?If you do not submit “Turn It”, it will be counted as late with associated deductions.?See Course Syllabi for “Late Work” policy.Step 4: ?[3 pts]Reflection: ?Include a few sentences or a well-developed paragraph on your research analysis, discovery of PEOs or the outcome of your scenario in Step 3. ?Was the outcome surprising to you;?what are the disadvantages or advantages of a PEO if you were an employee working for the organization??Include any other thoughts to improve the fieldwork experience.BusinessManagementMGT 120

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