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Project assessment: Implement and monitor WHS proceduresHi f

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Project assessment: Implement and monitor WHS proceduresHi for this assignment i need to know how to fill out the part 6 training needs analysis.what boxes do i tickhere is the scenario below we were given, i have to fill in the training matrix for all 4 employees of what they needtell me what employee needs what training from the following categoriesPlan2go WHS policies and procedures,Emergency evacuation training, Introductory WHS awarenes,Ergonomic practices awareness Jeff Mackaville Ryan Edge Jessicka Jones Anita Ballentino “It all seemed like a great idea at the time. Ria Clarkson (Creative Services Leader) employed an external company to provide a fun, team-building training exercise in a simulated cyber-attack environment at our premises. Everyone in the Creative Services Team was there.”Ellen goes on to explain that there were a few unexpected outcomes:????uring the Friday training session, the property owner of the building decided to run a fire drill at 11:00 am. Some Plan2go staff were unsure whether to continue with the training exercise and refused to participate as they decided it was only a drill. Anita Ballentino (Multimedia Officer) commented “These are such a waste of time… seriously, everyone knows you just follow the dudes in the coloured hats… They’ll tell us what to do and we’ll be right. No need to practise… it’s just cattle herding as far as I’m concerned.”????yan Edge (Production Officer) had noticed that the water dispenser in the corridor was leaking and there was water over the floor.?e was going to get someone to clean it up but didn’t get a chance before the drill started. He didn’t do the drill and forgot about cleaning the corridor.????eff Mackaville (Technical Support Officer) participated in the fire drill but slipped on the water in the second floor main corridor.?e fell over and severely sprained his left wrist. He did not continue with the fire drill and drove himself to a nearby medical centre.?hey strapped his wrist and advised him to reduce his work load to assist in his recovery. He did not return to work until the following Monday. Ria Clarkson witnessed Jeff’s fall but thought he would be OK and she would catch up with him in the designated evacuation area. Ria is not sure why the water on the floor was not mopped up as there are mops and buckets in cleaner’s cupboard for mopping up spills. The procedure in place is that any spills must be reported to Stuart Percel immediately and place Wet Floor signs (also in cleaner’s cupboard) around the spill.????essicka Jones (Web Developer) stated that she never received any WHS training as part of her induction and doesn’t know what’s required of her as an employee.BusinessManagementHuman Resource ManagementHRM BSBWHS401

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